Monday, June 6, 2016

Lucky LBD


I've never liked wearing my hair up. With my round face and lingering insecurities, I tend to cling to my long hair and intertwine it with my femininity and level of attractiveness, even though I know it's all in my head (or rather, on it). But in my constant quest to get out of my comfort zone in the name of personal growth, I decided to try something a little different for these photos and try a polished-yet-lazy-slash-dirty-hair-'do – which I'd never normally show here on my blog out of sheer vanity. I don't usually get the best reactions from people when I wear my hair this way either (which isn't an attempt to fish for compliments, I promise), which made it even more surprising when I discovered, while editing these photos, that I was really happy with how they turned out. It just goes to show that you should always challenge yourself to try something new, even when (or especially when!) it scares you a little bit; a new hairstyle might not be as big of a risk as a career change or a new relationship, but you'll never know until you try – and in the end, it's only temporary.

le bomb shop
heart belt
bandana rockabilly

I think it helps that this Luck Be A Lady dress from Le Bomb Shop has a pretty sexy silhouette, so it'd look great with almost any hairstyle. I'm kind of obsessed with off-the-shoulder pieces as of late (though finding the right bra to wear with them can be a trial), and this dress provides a lot of stretch and actually feels pretty casual, even though it'd be easy to dress it up for a more formal occasion. I wish it were a little more forgiving around the arms, but that's not a detail that bothered me all that much. I feel awesome in this dress (even with my hair up!), and I think it'll be my go-to LBD for summer nights out!

little black dress
off-the-shoulder dress
black retro dress
Outfit Details
Luck Be A Lady Dress in Noir: c/o Le Bomb Shop
Bandana: similar  ||  Belt: eBay

bardot black dress

Can you relate – is there something about your appearance you use as a security blanket? And do you like to push yourself to get beyond it? I'm making it a goal to keep getting outside of my comfort zone this summer!

Have a great start to your week!


  1. Okay.... I am actually super, super surprised that you said you don't get compliments on this hair style. I mean, I like how you wear your hair normally, but this looks really good on you. To me, it actually seems your face is less round (not that there is anything wrong with round faces!) because it draws attention to the lovely curve of your cheekbone.

    Also digging the dress. Not normally one who likes off-the-shoulder, but this works really well here.

  2. You look GREAT with your hair up. Jealous! My hair is always so messy. :(

  3. Your hair looks fab, and I'm loving the cheeky bit of shoulder in that dress! Amazing look on you xx

  4. I think you look absolutely adorable with your hair up like this! You look like a total rockabilly sweetheart. I'm really digging the dress (off the shoulder everything), and as usual the look is perfectly coordinated and very sweet.

  5. I think your hair looks fantastic worn up like this! I've really been feeling wearing my hair up lately. I have a roundish face too so I definitely understand some insecurity with it. I think you just have to work your angles with your hair up and a round face, that's all!

    Jamie |

  6. You look really beautiful with your hair up, love your outfit to! xo

  7. Ugh I hear you - I am not used to having my hair up and can be super sensitive to how I look in pictures with it up. But you're so right, you gotta just do it and get over it! I mean, look at you looking all sassy and sexy and confident! Daaaang!

  8. You look adorable with your hair up! You can see your beautiful face all the better.

  9. This outfit and hairstyle compliment one another fabulous and show off your lovely shoulders so very well. I adore (underline that no less than a million times) your hair worn upswept like this and think it's immensely flattering (and gorgeous!) on you.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica


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