Monday, May 16, 2016


bernie dexter skirt

Although I've always been fond of this cottage print, I felt like it was a bit too busy in the dress versions I've seen. I love a loud print more than almost anyone, but sometimes, too much is simply too much. I think it's perfect in this skirt version though, since you can easily break it up with a solid-colored top, and it's a great casual piece. It's not available on her site anymore, but I was able to nab it during one of Bernie Dexter's Zulily sales (keep an eye out for them!). 

cottage print skirt
cottage print
pinup girl clothing peasant top
boater hat

I'm finally feeling somewhat normal again, after dealing with some injuries from my show. I woke up on opening night with pretty severe back/neck pains and, after an emergency appointment with a massage therapist, I'm finally feeling a bit better. I also fell during our final dress rehearsal, which resulted in a huge gash in my knee, and on opening night, there was a mishap with a bench that caused a few of us to take a tumble (and I have a big bruise on my bum to prove it). Apparently, I'm cursed! I'm feeling a lot better, but it's made me realize that I do need to take better care of my body. Getting in shape is definitely a goal of mine for the summer!

novelty print skirt
Outfit Details
Bernie Dexter skirt: Zulily
White peasant top: Pinup Girl Clothing
Belt: from another dress  ||  Boater hat: similar
Shoes: B.A.I.T. Footwear (similar)

Have a splendid start to your week!


  1. Most pretty! Well done on snagging it on Zulily x

  2. I had this in the dress version and although I really loved it I found it to be a bit too busy on myself - I would love to have the print again as a skirt! Love how you have styled it, you look gorgeous! :) x

  3. Oh gosh - I can feel the pain from the bench tumble! I remember when I was in a play, our stagehands forgot to remove a coffee table from center stage and when I ran across the dark stage to get to my place for the next scene, I walked RIGHT into it - ohhhhh man I can still feel the pain in my shins!!! Ahh it's the worst - but the show must go on!

    I love the addition of the adorable hat to this outfit, it fits the cottage theme perfectly!!

  4. {{{Gentle hugs}}} Things always come in three, don't they? I'm sorry that you've, quite literally, been having a rough go lately and hope that the remainder of spring is much gentler to you.

    Love that print in skirt form!

    ♥ Jessica


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