Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Oopsy Daisy

daisy dress

As Meg Ryan says in You've Got Mail, "don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?" They really are, too – they never fail to make me smile and they always make me think of my mom (who was *this* close to naming me Daisy). Since spring is finally upon us, I couldn't wait any longer to style this daisy print dress by Bernie Dexter. This particular print also brings to mind an iconic scene from Disney's Alice in Wonderland. Wouldn't you just love to lie in a field of daisies? I know I would. Maybe I'll find one someday.

the soubrette brunette: oopsy daisy
daisy print dress

The "Paris" is one of my favorite dress styles that Bernie makes, but I will say that they all fit a little bit differently. For example, my orange print Paris dress is the most forgiving in the bust, but this daisy print Paris has the least wiggle room. It's not super noticeable in these photos, but I do wish there was a bit more consistency within the same dress style. That being said, the print alone insures that this one's staying in my closet for the time being – it's too cute to give up!

bernie dexter daisy dress
floral dress daisy
bernie dexter daisy paris dress
Outfit Details
Paris Dress in Daisy Print: Bernie Dexter
Cropped cardigan: available here
Boater hat: similar
Flats: Aerosoles

boater hat

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Ugh you make me want this dress! You look fantastic! The print is just precious - though I am not a fan of the Paris cut. I am hoping she releases a new style in this fabric - maybe another Kelly dress or something similar. I am a big fan of the Kelly style with the zipper!! =)

    1. I like the Kelly too, more than I thought I would. Definitely more appropriate than the Paris!

  2. lovely dress!

  3. I have laid down in a field of daisies and let me assure you it really wasn't as romantic as you'd think. It was itchy and uncomfortable and I was really paranoid about insects!!!

    1. Hahahah darn! I'll just keep it as a fantasy for now then :)

  4. Oh now I want this dress! You are right, daisies are great flowers, they're kind and gentle. I've never tried the Paris style, so maybe I'll just go for it.
    In the mean time - you look so amazing in this dress! You look so summery and lovely, and I love how you've styled it with the hat.
    Much love,

  5. These colors suit you so well! I have a love-hate relationship with the Paris cut: I love all the prints it comes in, but hate how it fits me (or more accurately, *doesn't* fit me) in the bust. Oh well!

    PS -- Your Bernie collection is On Point!

  6. They really are and I love them all the more for it. Daisies also remind me a lot of my paternal grandparent's house when I was growing up, as they still had a fair bit of 60s decor and kitsch around then, no shortage of included had these cheerful blooms.

    This is such a beautiful, classic dress, which looks marvelous on you, sweet Sammi!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. One of the dresses on my wishlist! Looks great on you! And I love seeing the close up pic of the print! So pretty!

  8. So sweet! I adore daisies and you just look as pretty as a spring day in that dress. :)

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