Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Favorites #118

This week has been a bit difficult. Not only did we lose both David Bowie and Alan Rickman, but I've been in the midst of putting together an entire play in less than 7 days. It's times like this when I need a bit of an escape, so here are a few things that made me smile this week...

B.A.I.T. has lots of adorable designs and colors in the works, and I love these two new styles.
b.a.i.t. footwear modcloth
a    ||    b

I think I'm opting to wear red on Valentine's Day this year, but if I were going to wear pink, I'd definitely consider this darling dress from Tara Starlet:
tara starlet pink dress
asos valentine socks

These dresses by Coco Fennell are both really great, subtler nods to St. Valentine's Day:
coco fennell
a    ||    b

I love this unique Valentine's option, too!
yumi heart tunic dress

These tights are so cute!
heart tights

I really want this book!
it ended badly book

These are the prettiest lollipops of all time:
heart lollipops

This brooch is so fun!
valentine brooch
As are these little punny snack boxes:
paperchase snack boxes

This swimsuit makes me want to skip winter altogether (or head south for a bit)!
unique vintage umbrella swimsuit
top    ||    skirt

I don't know why I wasn't aware of this Marc Jacobs x Disney collaboration, but I love that it features one of my favorite scenes from Alice in Wonderland!
marc jacobs disney
a    //    b

This top is so deer dear! :)
iron fist deer top

martha stewart champagne sheets

I might need this bag...
voodoo vixen scottie bag

And finally, I think everyone should have this Bowie kitty brooch:
bowie cat brooch

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. You pick the absolute cutest things ever!

  2. Those red and pink BAIT shoes are utterly gorgeous!!! I've yearned for some of B.A.I.T's offerings for ages now, but my hard to fit feet mean that I almost never order (any kind of) shoes online any more (tried way back, but almost none ended up fitting). However, I may seriously make an exception for these and cross my fingers something fierce.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Those pink and red BAITs! How cute those would be with the heart socks and that pink dress!!!

  4. These are all so gosh darn cute!! That Tara Starlet dress is gorgeous and would look lovely with that Be Mine Brooch. Le sigh...I adore Valentines.

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