Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Style: Phryne Fisher

phryne fisher costume

Consider yourself warned: photo-heavy post ahead! I've been planning this Halloween costume post for so long, and I'm incredibly excited about it. Ever since Kate wrote about her love of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, I've been hooked on this fantastic show (all 3 seasons of which are available on Netflix!). Both my mom and I are huge fans of crime shows/mysteries and pretty much any period piece out there, so it's no surprise that we are both obsessed with the Honorable Miss Phryne Fisher. The show, set in 1920's Australia, has gained a lot of popularity recently (and for good reason!); Phryne is a wonderfully written character – she's strong, sexy and smart – and the entire cast of characters is superb. There's a lot of contemporary political commentary, and oh, the costumes! She might just be my favorite television character ever (and Essie Davis is divine in the role)... so I knew I had to be her for Halloween this year!

unique vintage flapper dress
miss fisher costume
unique vintage isadora dress
flapper dress 1920s
flapper costume
1920s costume
flapper 1920s dress

Unique Vintage was kind enough to send me one of their gorgeous flapper dresses for my costume. I also wore it for my performances in the historical ghost walk last weekend (my character was a flapper, conveniently enough). This Isadora dress (above) is absolutely stunning, and although I was initially really nervous about wearing this type of silhouette, I ended up feeling amazing in it! It's a surprisingly comfortable dress, and the bead work is incredible. My body type isn't really ideal for a 1920's look, but I was really happy to discover that I can wear this style and feel confident in it (though admittedly, this Rago waist cincher helps). I felt every bit as fabulous as Phryne in my get-up, and I feel awesome about how it turned out. I even made a golden gun (one of Phryne's trademarks) out of metallic felt – and I can barely sew! (Credit goes to Amanda and Ashley for the DIY idea.) I really love putting together costumes, so this was tons of fun for me!

flapper dress 1920s modcloth
1920s dress deco
flapper modcloth
flapper dress
1920s costume
miss fisher's murder mysteries

I also received this gorgeous green flapper dress as a birthday gift from my mom, so in true Phryne fashion, I had a bit of a costume change! Although I bought a cheap bobbed wig for my first look, I actually created a fake bob with my own hair for the second! It's a super-easy process, and it's probably the only hairstyle I could ever do a tutorial on (in basic terms, you make a low ponytail and tuck most of your hair underneath and pin it). I ended up loving these looks so much that I had to include both in this post, but I'm going to wear the Unique Vintage dress for Halloween – it's special and spooky!

Some of my favorite looks from the "real" Miss Fisher!
phryne fisher miss fisher's murder mysteries
miss fisher's murder mysteries costume
flapper dresses
Outfit Details
Outfit #1: Red Isadora Dress: c/o Unique Vintage  ||  Black slip: c/o Unique Vintage
Hair chain: Fashion Diggers ||  Gold felt gun: made by me (with felt from A Market Collection)
Shoes: Amazon  || Earrings: Studio Vintage  ||  Wig: eBay (bangs trimmed by me)
Faux fur wrap: Amazon  ||  Stockings: Urban Outfitters

Outfit #2: Cabaret Soiree Dress: ModCloth (gift)  ||  Fur stole: vintage
Bettie Page shoes: Amazon  ||  Star hair comb: January Rose Boutique
Earrings: Earthen Dreams  ||  Stockings: Urban Outfitters

flapper girl

Which look do you like better? Do you have a favorite Halloween costume from your past?
Have an awesome (and safe) weekend!

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  1. both looks are gorgeous!

  2. Wow! This is a fantastic a beautiful post, the dresses are both amazing on you. Also you rock short hair!

  3. You look absolutely stunning in both dresses - I couldn't decide which I liked more! I think you'll need to wear both on Halloween! ;)

  4. Okay, so you look insanely stunning in both of these outfits (and the furs just add to the look), but I am so impressed that one is a wig and one is a faux-bob. They both look really real to me!

  5. You look sensational in both outfits. It's so difficult to choose between them - maybe I have a slight preference for outfit 2. I also cannot believe you got that look with your own hair in that outfit. Amazing inspiration! Karen x

  6. Both looks are absolutely stunning! You pull off this look so well x

  7. oh my freaking heck! wowzers! i love both outfits! you look so snazzy and stunning, pretty lady! wow!

  8. AMazing!!! I love both of them, you're really channeling Phryne with them both. Don't you just want to BE her?! I would kill to own her nightwear collection alone...

    I'm excited to see Season 3 will be released on DVD here in the UK in December xx

  9. So stunning! Amazing dresses! x

  10. Stupendously cool! You look jaw-droppingly fantastic!

    Happiest Halloween wishes, my lovely friend!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  11. You look PERFECT - I think Miss Fisher herself would be proud!

  12. YES I love Phryne Fisher!!! I binge watched all of the episodes on Netflix and I want more. You make the PERFECT Miss Fisher! Both looks are so gorgeous, but I especially adore the red dress; it's just beautiful on you! And for a minute I really though you'd cut your hair like this -- if ever you did, it would look fantastic! Not that your hair isn't already beautiful. ;)

  13. Amazing outfits both of these! So glamorous!! I love 1920's style. You pull it off beautifully. And with your hair bobbed like that you look just like the real Miss Fisher!


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