Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sunflowers + Parasols

pinup girl clothing umbrella dress

Is there anything prettier than a sunflower field in bloom? I'm so glad I was able to find one this year, and that it was at its peak right when I came back from California! I didn't mean to wait so long to post these, but my backlog of photos is going to come in handy over the next month. And since it's been very gray and rainy the past couple of days, seeing these again makes me feel much more cheerful!
pinup girl mary blair
sunflower field rochester ny
parasol dress
pinup girl clothing mary blair umbrella
pinup girl clothing mary blair umbrella dress

This was the dress I was the most excited to receive from the Mary Blair collection. It reminds me of Little Bo Peep (in the best way)! I love the design and the color, but it unfortunately has a few fit issues. It runs smaller than my other PUG dresses (and has the dreaded side zip!), and it's definitely not as flattering on me as many of the other dresses I own. I love all of the other elements too much to let this one go, but I'll have to come up with new ways to style it. It comes with a detachable bolero that I opted not to wear, but I think it'll actually look better with my black cropped cardigan – or I could even wear a sweater on top and turn this dress into a skirt! Either way, I think I'll be able to wear it into the colder months, which is always good news.
pinup girl clothing mary blair
sunflowers rochester ny
mary blair dress
pinup girl clothing
sunflower rochester ny
pinup girl dress
Outfit Details
Evelyn Dress in Mary Blair Umbrellas Print: Pinup Girl Clothing
Parasol: similar  //  Pettislip: similar
Rocking horse necklace: similar
Flats: Amazon

morgane carlier
How perfect is this piece that Morgane drew of me in this dress?? I love it so much! If you aren't following Morgane on Instagram, you should be! :) Thank you, Morgane!

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. I actually think it's very flattering on you! If you hadn't mentioned fit issues, I wouldn't have even considered them! I agree with you, there is a lot you can do to style it! A thin belt could look cute along with a small sweater!

  2. I've got say that it looks very flattering on you! Those sunflowers are so gorgeous xx

  3. beautiful dress! and what a perfect fan art!

  4. These photos are so gorgeous! I have always wanted to wander through a sunflower field. I also agree with all the comments above - this dress looks fantastic on you! Very flattering. :)

  5. Very pretty dress, love the illustration! Spot on!

  6. What a fantastic backdrop for photos (and I love that you took along a parasol for your parasol dress!)

  7. Seriously gorgeous outfit, photos and illustration! What a special honour to be drawn by Morgane. I'm a huge fan of her uber talented work!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. This is actually my favorite dress is my wardrobe, I love the colour, the umbrella print and the style so much! I think it looks great on you though! :)

  9. How cute are the Mary Blair illustrations on this dress! I love the picture Morgane drew of you too! So perfect!


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