Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Choo choo!

pinup girl clothing dress

All aboard for a photo-heavy post! This train print dress might be my favorite from Pinup Girl Clothing's Mary Blair collection. This style fits me very well, and I can't resist a dress that looks like it came right out of a storybook. Plus, I really do love trains; they're my go-to choice for longer trips, and they're so much more romantic than other methods of transportation. I knew I wanted to head somewhere fun for these photos, so after a quick Google search, I found the New York Museum of Transportation, which is only about a half hour from where I live. I wish I'd known this place existed before now, because it's a really great place that houses all kinds of historic methods of transportation – including antique trolley cars, locomotives, fire trucks, buses, milk carts and bicycles – and you can even take a 2-mile round trip on their working trolley car! We had an awesome time exploring all of the old train cars, and I'll definitely be back.

mary blair
They even host birthday parties in this train car!
green train
train museum
red train
new york museum of transportation

The lighting inside the barn (where they house most of their non-operational trains) was so tricky; they use green and blue lights everywhere, which meant I had to spend a lot of time in Photoshop afterwards. There's still a weird cast to some of them, but they're definitely a big improvement from the originals. I'll just chalk it up to a good learning experience, and I'm glad I'm challenging myself to take more photos in public. It's still not something I love doing, but I'm getting more comfortable with it. Little victories! Now I just have to work on not feeling out of place wearing a fuller petticoat in public...

mary blair train dress
trolley car
pinup girl clothing mary blair
blogger train
train dress
pinup girl mary blair train
pinup girl clothing mary blair train dress
Outfit Details
Pettislip: Amazon
Flats: Amazon

mary blair dress

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. How fun!! You look great in this style and color! You don't wear full pettis in public?? GIRL! You have to. I get so many compliments - no one is ever mean. Or perhaps I just don't notice their weird looks anymore. If anything, people admire that I wear them! Don't be afraid!! =)

  2. You are so adorable going here for photos. I do love this dress on you tool; it is a great color and shape for you.

    Full petticoats in public- can feel a bit strange at first, but I feel like people don't really look at your differently or anything....

  3. That museum sounds so fun! There's a post office museum in DC that has a lot of similar things because it's all about transporting mail over the years

  4. This sounds like so fun! You look so cute in these photos :D

  5. That's my kind of museum!!! It looks so fun! Your dress is simply delightful!!!x

  6. I love your photos in that wonderful dress and with those old style trains and on the train track! So much fun! :)

  7. Completely charming outfit and series of photos. I love it when transportation is involved in fashion shots like this. It just adds an extra hit of old schoolness to things for me.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. It's like this dress was made for you girlfriend!! You look phenomenal, and what a location to shoot this look! I live in Reno, Nevada and I've always wanted to visit the east coast. When I do I am going to have to check this museum out.


  9. Ahhh! This the perfect post! What a good idea researching areas close to you, to match your outfit, it's so great. You also look fabulous as usual!

  10. Such a fun print! And I love your photo shoot with this dress! <3


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