Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Favorites #51

Happy Friday, everyone!  I hope you all had a nice week!  Here are some of the lovely little finds that recently caught my eye.  Lots of novelty purses, pretty dresses and kitsch ahead!
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You can always depend on Nasty Gal and Aldo to provide some kooky novelty bags!  Aldo actually has a pastel rotary telephone clutch(!!!!) carried only at their accessories stores... the closest one to me is in Albany (though there's one on Staten Island - my old stomping grounds!).  I'm determined to make it mine, somehow.  I wonder if a regular store can order it from an accessories one?  I must find out.  The bags below are from Aldo, too -- they sometimes do knock-offs of other brands, I think (the license plate one reminds me of Kate Spade, and the telephone one I mentioned must be a Betsey influence), and these particular ones remind me a bit of Lulu Guinness, but they're too cute to not mention!
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Aren't these fruity sunnies the best??  I love Nasty Gal's collection of crazy shades.
This little apple ring is darling!  It's a perfect combination of delicate and silly.
I suppose these shoes are both delicate and silly, too... and they're so pretty!
These tops from Trollied Dolly are ideal for summer!  They have a sprinkle print (which is perfect for days that require ice cream), and I love the shape of them.  They come in great colors, too!
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I love how this dress has a high collar and frog closures but a sunny, stripy summertime look.  It's such an interesting combination.  It seems like it'd be a good hat-wearing dress, too.

And that's not the only yellow dress that tickled my fancy this week!  I have this dress in coral, but I think it might be even lovelier in this happy shade of yellow:

These scalloped heels are so cute!  (And they come in other colors, too!)

I'm glad this shape seems to be coming back in again.  It's much less severe than the peplum, and it's usually way more flattering across the board.  Plus, it doesn't scream "80s" like the peplum!  I love the particular color combination on this top.  I think I need more red in my life.
Chelsea Crew makes some of the most drool-worthy shoes I've ever seen.  They always have such a pleasing look to them.  I'm especially smitten with the red and white ones!
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This I Love Lucy brooch would be a great addition to any retro-loving gal's collection!

Lady V London makes such sweet retro dresses, and I'm especially enchanted with this floral one:

Speaking of sweet, this iPhone case from Mallory is simply scrumptious!
This welcome mat has me all starry-eyed!
And if you think that's out of this world, check out this solar system swimsuit:

(top // bottoms)

Fairies have always been my favorite mythological creatures (mermaids and unicorns are obviously my other favorites), and goodness, do I want this fairy book!  I love this dainty fairy necklace, too.
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Whether you're a Disney princess or one from Beverly Hills... you have to admit that these crop tops are kind of great.  I can't pull them off, but I know some of you can!
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How amazing are these dress sketches that incorporate flower petals?


Isn't it funny how you can never find the kind of thing you're looking for when you need it, but when you've stopped looking -- there it is?  I looked everywhere for green heels like these last year!  They're not really a priority anymore, but I love the silhouette of them!  And the cut-out flats are really fun, too.
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This might be sort of sexist (on my part and the meme creator's part)... but this is very true for me:
For those who might not know, This Is Spinal Tap is my favorite movie of all time.  I gasped out loud when I saw this Spinal Tap tank for sale... and then gasped again at the price.  It's cool and everything, but there's no way I'd shell out that much unless it was signed by Christopher Guest himself!

And then I realized that you can get this Spinal Tap necklace for way less -- and support a small business in the process!  (The I Love Lucy brooch is from this same shop.)

Finally, I leave you with this video of the brilliant Uzo Aduba, auditioning for every role on OITNB.  Speaking of which, who's watching?  I'm five episodes in.  I planned on binging, but I realized I want to savor it!  I've managed to avoid social media spoilers so far!  I'm dumb and can't figure out how to imbed it (it's not up on YouTube yet), so click here!

Have a fantastic Friday!
xox Sammi


  1. Ah I always look forward to your friday favorites! I love the selection of purses you found,the license one is definitely a kate spade inspiration but oh well one can't always afford kate spade prices! I wish I knew about the fruit sunglasses, my friday favorites this week was tutti frutti themed! Ah well either way they are too cute.

  2. AAH SAMMI!!! I'm five episodes in, too! WE'RE ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK BUDDIES! Haha, I am so in love with this show. It. Is. So. Good. I watched all the episodes yesterday until like 12:30 in the morning. Of today. I guess that's not yesterday. BUT. YES.

    Your Friday posts are always perfect. You find such cute things. So many people make wish lists and stuff but the way your organize yours makes it something I actually want to scroll through. I'm smitten with those fruit shades. SERIOUSLY FRUIT SHADES?!?!?!??! FRICK YEAH

  3. Oh my gosh- there is so much I love here- especially that iphone case- darling!!! Alex

  4. Oh my goodness, those fruit adorned sunglasses! I kind of wish I could un-see them so I wouldn't have to want them so much!

  5. Cute items!, My fav, fruity sunnies, necklace fairy! <3, sketches with flower petals that beautiful!

  6. awww need that pretty daisy bag and solar system swimsuit!!! you always find awesome things

  7. amazing selection as always. totally obsessed with orange is the new black we too are saviouring it as trying to make it last! ha xxx

  8. You pick the greatest things! I, too, am being very drawn to all things yellow this season, and that dress with the high color is just lovely!

  9. Those pink shoes and petal sketches are beautiful! Xx


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