Monday, June 16, 2014

A little too late for lilacs

Outfit Details:
Lilac dress: Bernie Dexter
Cardigan: H&M (old, similar here)
White flats: Yesstyle
Basket: craft store
Ring: LeffKatya
Petticoat: eBay

This is my most-beloved Bernie Dexter dress.  Not only are lilacs my favorite flower, but this dress is also one of the most flattering ones I own.  It's the perfect length (and looks good with or without a crinoline!), nips in at just the right spot at the waist, and shows off my (ahem) assets without being too revealing.  This was actually my very first Bernie dress, and it's what started a love affair with her entire line.  I think I have five of her dresses now, including this one, and her printed dresses are always dreamy -- and I've found the fit to be pretty consistent, which is a plus.  I'm actually going to be doing a Bernie Dexter-themed guest post on Jana's blog later this month, so watch for that!


Rochester has a Lilac Festival every year, but I didn't end up going this year, and I somehow missed the period when the lilacs are at their prime.  For these photos, I gathered up what lilacs we had left (which were on their way out) in my little basket.  I wish flowers would last longer, in general.  It makes me sad when you can't catch them at the right time!  That's sort of silly I guess, but I'm a sentimental kind of girl.

 Have a beautiful Monday!
xox Sammi


  1. This dress is absolutely stunning on you- fits you so perfectly and purple is a stunning color on you. It is sad that lilacs don't stick around long. I was thinking the same thing. Glad you were able to pick a few though!

  2. This dress is a lovely fit on you! And whatever petticoat you used is absolutely perfect, because it gave you so much volume!

  3. I can't wait to read your Bernie post! As we've discussed before, Bernie Dexter truly understands an hourglass shape which is why I find myself adding more and more of her dresses to my closet. This one is stunning on you and it's actually my favorite Bernie print!

  4. That dress is just perfect. You look gorgeous! It is just an ideal length and looks so great with the green cardigan. The perfect balance of spring and summer!


  5. You look stunning in this dress! Its a shame you missed the most of the lilacs, but there's always next year at least c: Can't wait for your post on Jana's blog too!

  6. You and your outfit both look beautiful! I love the purple and green together.
    xx Tessie

  7. Lilac season is so short's nice to see them out again!

  8. This dress does look amazing on you! I love your lilac themed photos. I so want a Bernie Dexter dress but its such an investment I think Im going to have to wait a bit longer. At least I get to live vicariously through bloggers who do have some of her amazing pieces til my bank account catches up.

  9. beautiful dress! the lilacs are a lovely touch. (: I haven't heard of Bernie dexter, before, but I think I might have to invest!

    -xx- Alynne (ps: check out my giveaway!)

  10. I'll definitely check out your post about Bernie Dexter's! I'm glad you said the fit is consistent- it seems like the ModCloth reviews were all over the place about most of the Bernie's they were/are selling.

    Lilacs are my favorite, too! We have two big lilac bushes in the backyard that recently died, I'll be forever mourning the loss, ha.

  11. Very pretty hairstyle, Sammi! I <3 lilacs, too!

  12. Oh this is such a pretty dress and it fits you PERFECTLY! It's so sad you missed the peak of the lilacs; I hate that flowers don't last very long, too. Someday I want a garden full of flowers that bloom in every season possible, so there's never a lack of flowers in my garden to pick!
    You would love our lilac bush-- it's so huge, and had so many blooms at its peak!

  13. Oh, gorgeous! I do so love lilac season, and your dress is a beautiful year-round reminder.
    I found your blog via Chronically Vintage, and I feel silly for not finding you earlier! It's nice to see another performer in the vintage blog world. Adding you to my to-read list right now!


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