Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ruby slippers

Outfit Details:
Luck Be A Lady Dress in Red: ModCloth
Blouse: old (similar here)
Terrier belt: can't remember!
Shoes: Urban Outfitters (similar here)

9 times out of 10, I will plan out a new outfit well ahead of time, either in my head or with the pieces in front of me.  This outfit was one of those 1 out of 10 outfits that was completely spur of the moment, and it's even rarer that I actually liked the result.  I'm usually one to opt for patterns over color-blocking (and I don't think this exactly qualifies as "color-blocking," anyway), but I loved this combination of bright red and light cyan.  It looks more like baby blue in these photos, but it's way more vibrant in real life.  I had worn this ensemble to work with black flats and a black belt, but decided to swap them out for crimson counterparts, instead.  I inadvertently opted for Dorothy-esque shoes and a Toto-inspired belt in the same ensemble, but since I'm not wearing blue gingham and pigtails, I think it's okay.

I'm so impatient about this relentlessly chilly weather.  I haven't really been able to go bare-legged (sans pantyhose) yet, and I hate it!  Rochester has an annual Lilac Festival every May, and it starts incredibly soon (I think this week or next), and we're just starting to see teeny tiny buds on the lilacs!  I can't imagine they'll be in full bloom this year, if at all.  They're my absolute favorite flower, so I can't wait until they're blooming.  But at least there are daffodils and other spring flowers around.  I wish we had some flowering trees in our yard (I love cherry blossoms and magnolias).  Just looking at them makes me happy (and jealous, hah).  I'm afraid that once it's finally spring, it'll skip right to summer!

Have a terrific Tuesday!
xox Sammi


  1. Haha, I love the Wizard of Oz theme! Nice touch with the doggy belt, it's absolutely adorable.


    P.S. It's weird that you say it's cold over there because it's getting unusually cold unusually early this year in Australia! Maybe the Earth is going into freeze mode right now. Whatever it is, I wish it would chill out--it's too cold for this time of the year! :(

  2. You look great. Love the shoes and belt together, it does have an Oz feel. Let's split the difference in the weather, it's 90 here this week. -Bunny

  3. Not too much like Dorothy (But then I think "ruby slippers" are always appropriate!)

  4. It's been miserably cold still too where I live, I can't imagine spring let alone summer coming. I love love love that belt! Such a cute touch!

  5. super:)) x

  6. I LOVE blues and reds together. This outfit looks fabulous, as always. And I'm totally with you on the impatient-with-cold-weather. At least you're seeing lilac buds. We're nowhere near that yet.

  7. One of my favorite color combos!

    This outfit is so sleek but also fun! Your belt is adorable.

    And oh my gosh, I SO know that fear of spring hardly happening, and it just jumping into summer. It's like that here in Portland too.


  8. haha, you could have totally been Dorothy here! That little scottie dog belt is precious. There's something about scottie dog shapes and red that go so well together. If you walked into my room, you would match it perfectly, Sammi! Blue and red have to be my favorite colors together. :D

    The flowers will bud for you soon! Maybe you should try singing to them, because you're basically a fairy princess and they say that singing fairies make flowers blossom quicker. ;)

  9. so pretty! I love your dress and your belt. <33


  10. In Illinois we went from cold to so HOT so I'm sweating the last few days! There's no in-between ugh. Anyway, I love your shoes and dress!

    love, polly

  11. THAT BELT!!!

    Lilac Festival sounds very nice. I am done with this in-between weather and just want summer to happen.

  12. I love this outfit so much! I'm not a big fan of red, but I love it mixed with the cyan/blue top here <3


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