Saturday, May 17, 2014

Forever plaid

Outfit Details:
Vintage plaid dress: Cricket Capers
BAIT Footwear spectators: similar here & here
Microphone brooch: ModCloth
Petticoat: eBay

I've really lucked out with the vintage items I've purchased on Etsy.  I think the only items I've ever bought that weren't a slam dunk were from when I first started scouring the internet for vintage, and I wasn't nearly as familiar with my own measurements or what shapes looked best on me.  Shopping for vintage in a store actually makes me way more nervous than ordering online, which is strange -- I guess maybe it's because if the measurements are clearly marked in an Etsy or eBay listing, I have a pretty good idea of whether or not it'll fit, and the same cannot always be said when you shop in a brick and mortar store.  I think I'm also a little afraid that I would try something on and not have it fit, or accidentally damage something in the process -- or fall in love with something that would never fit me!  One of the vintage stores here celebrated its 1-year anniversary last weekend, and I planned on going (they were offering a discount if you wore vintage to the event!), but since it was on the same day as my cousin's Bat Mitzvah, I wasn't able to make it.  I'm hoping to venture out there sometime soon, though... maybe I should bring my tape measure, just in case!  For now though, it's lucky for me that Etsy is a virtual treasure trove for vintage-lovers.  Although prices range anywhere from dirt cheap to exorbitant, I've managed to acquire quite a number of pieces for very reasonable prices -- and this dress is one of them!

I can't resist a dress that comes with a matching belt!

This weekend isn't as jam-packed as last weekend, but I do have an audition tomorrow morning.  I haven't had to audition for anything in a while, which can be nice but it's also sort of unfortunate.  When I was in college, we'd have mock auditions and master classes pretty much every other day, and obviously had auditions each semester (and went into the city for some, too).  But now that I'm home and auditions don't come up all the time, it's easy to let anxiety get the best of me.  It's a whole separate skill set that you simply have to practice doing as much as possible; even though I generally audition well, I know that I get far more nervous now about them than I did a few years ago, simply because I was doing them more often.  I've let a lot of things fall by the wayside while living at home, and I need to refocus my priorities.  I don't want to get out of practice and let auditions (or people auditioning) intimidate me -- so I won't!  

Have a great Saturday!
xox Sammi


  1. That is a great vintage find! I think thats so interesting to hear, I know my measurements and have had great success on etsy but I guess I'm just paranoid that somehow the measurements will have been off. But I do love the range of clothing and prices that etsy provides. Good luck on your audition!

  2. plaid looks great on you!!!

    stop by,

  3. So lovely! Good luck tomorrow! I'm sure you'll totally kill it.

  4. Sammi, I have so been neglecting blog comments for you, and for that I apologize! BTU I'M BACK! You look like the cotton candy queen here, all sweet and confectionary and cute in your plaid dress.

    You'll rock your audition, I know it! HOPE EVERYTHING GOES WELL! Ali is rootin' for ya. SAMMI! SAMMI! SHE'S OUR GIRL! IF SHE CAN'T DO IT... hopefully everyone else will get sick and hurl and not be able to audition uwahwahaha

  5. BREAK A LEG on your audtion. We know you'll rock it :D

    This is a fun, fun outfit you have on. I'd never really considered the difference between shopping for vintage online or off before (I've only ever shopped for vintage in person before and mostly while travelling weirdly enough). Makes me think it would be okay to take the plunge to try online now... hmmm... good for the closet but probably not for the pocket book!

  6. Such a great vintage find! I love how "..from dirt cheap to exorbitant" is the best description of Etsy, but I must say I enjoy adding those expensive pieces to my "As If" folder..maybe one day.. I get a ton of anxiety shopping in actual stores and I hate going to fitting rooms, so I totally get the whole online shopping thing. Also measurements! Only times I've messed up on vintage pieces was when I was kidding myself about my size.. It still happens every once and awhile, resulting in a reality check c;

    You look gorgeous and lovely as always. I understand the nervousness too, but even without getting the part just remember you are amazing no matter what <3

  7. I LOVE your shoes! The coordination of accessories with this outfit is just the best! I love it when an outfit comes together so well with perfectly matching things to pair with it. You look great!


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