Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Favorite Outfit: Jana from Small Town, Big Smile

Note from Sammi: Hello, lovely readers!  I am currently out of town with *very* limited internet access, so I've decided to start a little mini-series on the blog while I'm gone.  I've asked some of my favorite blogger ladies to contribute a guest post about their absolute favorite outfits from their own blogs!  It's kind of a Sophie's Choice situation (at least, I know it would be for me!), since these are some of the most stylish girls I know, but I'm so excited to see what they've chosen!  Our first guest blogger is Jana from Small Town, Big Smile, whose retro-inspired fashions never fail to put a big smile on my face!  Take it away, Jana!

Hey everyone! As Sammi mentioned, I'm Jana from Small Town, Big Smile!, and I'll be the first of several stylish gals talking about our favourite outfit(s) while Sammi is away!  I'm not going to lie, this was definitely a difficult choice for me... sort of.  If any of you read my blog, you'll know I adore my My Kind of Pie dress. It's definitely my favourite item in my closet, so I had a difficult time choosing one outfit with it in particular.  That being said, seeing as I was so proud that I could actually narrow it down to one dress, I decided it was okay to show you how I've loved to remix this dress!

I love wearing this dress for different occasions.  Over Easter weekend, I had several family dinners to attend, so I figured, what better dress to wear than a dress with various pastel colours? I opted for a mint green polka dot cardigan, knee socks, and mint green Bait Ione's to match.  I was a little hesitant with the polka dot cardigan as there's polka dots in the dress, but they're subtle enough that the cardigan didn't clash with it.

I even found the perfect pie brooches (via The Dainty Geekery) to match this dress.  It's one of those really kitch prints that makes it so fun to match and accessorize!  I like to find very matchy-matchy accessories for my novelty print dresses.  I'm sure some think it's borderline over-the-top, but I love it.

I love shirt dresses. Sleeveless, collar, buttons... it's my favourite style of dress.  It makes pairing a cardigan over it very easy and comfortable, but to be honest, I love wearing it with nothing over it.  This style of dress reminds me of a '50s housewife, with their hair in curlers and red lipstick.  It's a style of dress that I always feel good in, even when I'm having one of those uncomfortable-nothing-looks-good kind of days.

I haven't gotten around to actually making a pie to use as a prop, but I've paired it with a floral apron and a matching flower for my hair, teapots and teacups, and my kitchen in general. 

And with having so many colours in it, it makes pairing it with tights and cardigans (which is a must in Canadian weather) very practical.  One of my go-to tricks with remixing tights and cardigans is to just reverse the colour options. Teal tights, tan cardigan, brown shoes, to tan tights (or knee socks), teal cardigan, teal shoes. Instant remix!



  1. OMG! The pie brooches!!! Cuteness overload!!!

  2. Oh Jana. Now I want you to bake a pie as a prop! Cute outfits.

  3. omg, nice outfit !!! <3

  4. That dress is just perfect.

  5. I always love seeing Jana's adorable pie dress outfits and its great seeing them all in one post <3

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. what a cute dress :)
    love your blog :)

  8. The brooches with that dress are seriously so perfect! And I love the bait shoes with them too :)

  9. Hope you're enjoying your time out of town! Yay for a stylish guest blogger!


  10. I love that dress, have been wanting it from Modcloth for awhile! You reworked it so many great ways!


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