Saturday, March 8, 2014

Popcorn and ice cream

Outfit Details:
Rose Dress in Delicious Sundae Print: Bernie Dexter
Dream of the Crop Cardigan in Red: ModCloth
Vintage milkshake brooch: Good Goody Girls Jewels
Red Mary Janes: Urban Outfitters (old)
Popcorn purse: Sweetbox Store
Red coat: eBay

I may have been a *little* overly zealous for the end of winter when I took these photos.  I am just so, so sick of wearing boots and bundling up that I decided to don a summery dress and Mary Janes and cold be damned, I was going to take photos without ruining the effect via clunky boots!  Of course, I immediately regretted my decision when I got snow in my shoes.  I can't wait to wear this outfit when it's actually weather-appropriate and I don't risk getting frostbite.

I wore this dress for our first day in Disney World, when we went to the 1950s-themed restaurant at the Beach Club resort and dinner at the Boardwalk.  I am nothing if not thematic.  I received more compliments on this dress than I could ever imagine.  I'd planned on packing a petticoat (I think this dress looks better with a little fluff underneath), but that wasn't in the cards, and for some reason, the one I use most makes this dress look WAY too voluminous.  I need one that has less layers!  I'd been crushing on different versions of this amazing printed dress from Bernie Dexter for forever, and I finally took the plunge when it was on sale a while ago.  I'm so glad I did, because every dress I've ever purchased from her has been incredibly flattering and dreamy.  I always have about 3 different dresses of hers at a time on my wish list!  They're definitely more summery frocks, but that just makes me all the more excited for warm weather.  Spring, please hurry up!

Have a beautiful Saturday!
xox Sammi


  1. Bernie Dexter has the most dreamy dresses! You look so darling in this and love the snack theme- the milkshake pin is adorable!

  2. You're too adorable!!
    I love that dress so much, and the popcorn tin was a cute little prop. c;
    Mary janes are my favorite!!


  3. That dress is so pretty!!! Bernie Dexter's frocks drive me crazy all the time

  4. i love your dress and your popcorn bag!!! <33

  5. Cute pattern! <3 I'll be hungry all the time if I wear that ice cream dress :D

  6. That popcorn bag is just adorable!! Head over heels in love. xx

  7. That is one of the sweetest outfits I've ever seen! The print on that dress is just perfect, very adorable and what a cute little popcorn bag! I love theme-based outfits, they are so much fun and look fabulous. This is most certainly one of the best I've seen yet.

  8. That popcorn purse is too sweet, I absolutely love it with that ice cream printed dress. You always have the cutest pieces!!

  9. I just love all of your outfit posts, and this one is no exception! It's absolutely darling! I love how you not only wear cute dresses, but you accessorize them perfectly!

  10. Yeah, there are definitely days when you gotta just shoot a middle finger up to weather and try to wear something else. ;D YOU GO GIRL! I hope you didn't freeze your lil booty off too much. Or if you did, maybe it will grow back.

    That dress is absolutely adorable. If I wore that, I'd be hungry all day. :)

  11. That bag is just too quirky, you are awakening a strange desire for quirky bags in me :)
    Your dress just makes me hungry for ice cream!

    ~ K

  12. I hear you about the boots, man. It seems like winter is dragging on FOREVER and I get sick of wearing the same three pairs of shoes. Sigh. At least you look adorable!


  13. Looove your awesome collection of handbags! You have such an inspiring style!


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