Saturday, February 22, 2014

Second star to the right

Outfit Details:
Neverland print dress: Pinup Girl Clothing
Dream of the Crop Cardigan: ModCloth
Belt: from another dress
Necklace: Forever 21
Flats: jcpenney

Time for more Florida pictures!  Amidst all the snow and cold, I felt it was time to feature some more photos from my vacation.  When we booked our trip to Disney World, I knew that I would have to pack this Peter Pan print dress from Pinup Girl Clothing.  I bought it the very first day it went live on their website, and I couldn't be more glad.  The pink is so perfect, and I can't wait to wear it with a petticoat and pink spectator pumps.  I actually intended to bring a petticoat on the trip, but then the logistics of that got to be too much (wearing one on an airplane or on a ride could prove problematic).  I wore this dress when we went to Magic Kingdom (because duh), which was especially fun when we went on the Peter Pan ride!  :)  

I apologize for not writing more, but I'm in the midst of of an out-of-town adventure for the weekend!  I hope your weekends are lovely (and hopefully filled with at least a little bit of sunshine -- these photos are making me yearn for warmth!).

xox Sammi 


  1. You look absolutely fantastic in this pin up style dress, it enhances your femininity and makes you look very charming and sexy! <3 Love.

  2. peter pan is my absolute favorite! this dress is a dream.
    rebecca / tr[i]b[e]cca.

  3. Though I'm excited to see what this dress looks like with a petticoat and pink pumps, I really like how you styled this here. The black somehow makes it a bit edgy but the style of the sweater keeps the pin-up mood perfectly. Very well-balanced. This is adorable!

  4. What a perfect dress to wear while in florida! I do have to say, in the midst of all this cold an snow, its nice to see some brilliant sun and fun colored outfits!

  5. Oh I love this dress! A friend of a friend wore this to Tiki Day at Disneyland! I thought it was the cutest thing!


  6. This definitely is the perfect Disney trip dress!! I love the pattern, so cute. And the colour looks really lovely on you, such a nice pop

  7. This dress couldn't be any cuter! You found the most perfect dresses to wear to Disneyland!

  8. I totally ordered it the day it came out as well! I love it on you, you look absolutely adorable!

    Junebugs and Georgia Peaches

  9. I love Disney (and novelty prints!), but I've got a big soft spot for Peter Pan. This dress is so darn cute! Perfect for Disneyland :)

    xoxo, Alesha

  10. Gorgeous dress choice as ever! Love the quirky print!

    ~ K


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