Monday, February 10, 2014

Peach tea (+ giveaway winner!)

Outfit Details:
Nishe handbag & shoe dress: ASOS
Cardigan: ModCloth (similar here)
Tea ring: find it at SheInside
Bow headband: Forever 21
White t-strap flats: Urban Outfitters (similar here)

Oh, how I love this dress.  Nishe is one of my all-time favorite labels anyway, but this particular frock had been calling my name for quite some time before I finally snatched it up.  It was one of two Black Friday purchases, and I think it was money well-spent.  Peach is such a perfect color for Florida (and I always associate one with the other because peach is my grandma's favorite color, and she has lived in Florida my entire life), and I knew I had to pack this dress for our Disney trip.  When we decided to have tea at the Grand Floridian, I thought this outfit would be an excellent choice (I kind of ended up matching the hotel decor, actually).  Nishe always has the most charming embroidery on their clothes, but there is something about the darling shoes and handbags on this one that just tickle me!  It's the kind of dress that my Barbie dolls would have had, and I would have given anything to have one in my size -- so now I can, albeit a few years late! 

This day was the warmest day we were there (though I still had to wear tights and a jacket), and after we had our tea, we took the boat over to the Magic Kingdom to see the Electrical Light Parade (which was magical and I got to see my friend Brett -- who performs in many of the parades -- go right by me!) and Wishes (the fireworks show with Tinkerbell).  We had a very late dinner at the California Grill in the Contemporary Hotel, which was sadly sort of disappointing.  We've gone there in the past, and their menu was always on the upscale side, but now it's a little too high brow for my taste.  Kind of pretentious.  But we had so many great meals on our trip that it didn't dampen our spirits much.

Mom's banana trifle from our tea
Beautiful boat ride scenery

I'm kicking myself for not getting this purse!

Since coming back from Disney World, I feel like I've been in a very strange tug-of-war; on the one hand, I feel really sluggish and not very motivated to do things I should (though that is not an especially new development), but on the other, I feel renewed and happy about certain things.  Hopeful, I guess.  I feel very fortunate that my blogiversary giveaway has resulted in some new followers (thank you and welcome to those who fall into this category!!), and I hope very much that these newcomers will stick around after this giveaway is announced!  I haven't done giveaways very often in the past, but I am quickly realizing that they can play an important part in terms of increasing readership and drumming up interest of current followers.  I'd never want to be solely driven by these things, mind you, but as blogging has steadily become even more meaningful in my life in recent months, it's something to consider.  Since this giveaway was funded out of my own pocket, I think bigger giveaways like this are going to be reserved for once or twice a year, but I'm really happy when things I decide to do resonate with people (to which most people can relate, I'm sure), and I have been thinking a lot about new ideas for content and posts for my second year of blogging.  It's difficult to start new things in the winter, I think, but the wheels in my head are definitely turning!  One more reason I can't wait for spring.  :)

So, without further delay, I am pleased to announce the winner of my 1-year blogiversary giveaway (who will receive a $50 gift certificate to ModCloth and a whole bunch of goodies from ASOS and Forever 21) is Rebecca T. of The Cinnamon Slipper!!!  Congratulations, my kindred spirit in style, and I hope you enjoy your prizes!  <3
Have a beautiful Monday, and a huge thank you to all who entered my giveaway!!  :)
xox Sammi


  1. Peach looks so good on you!! And that dress was definitely meant to be in your closet!! So you.
    And Congrats to Rebecca!! Lucky gal! :)

  2. Okay so- 1) that dress is to die for. It is not often you see that color and it has the most adorable embroidery! (also I love that your barbies would have had a dress like this. My sister and I had a whole Amazonian tribe of barbies as kids).

    Next, that Floridian mousse thing with the F on it is amazing looking! Mmm, hope it was as tasty too.

    I'm glad you are feeling somewhat motivated. Winter makes it so much harder to feel that way!

  3. Nice:)) x

  4. wow love this ring!!, beautiful pictures and dress!!

  5. Adorable outfit- love that dress! And that pic of you in front of the blue trim storefront= perfection! Alex

  6. That dress is absolutely adorable! Congrats on the blogiversary :)
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  7. Love this outfit, and that ring is so super cute! Hooray for your blogiversary--your style inspires me! :)

  8. Oh I love Nishe and that dress looks darling on you. Love the way you accessorized too!

    It's such a treat seeing your other photos from your trip as well. Even though I lived my whole life in FL, until a couple years ago, I've never been to Disney and I love seeing all the fun people have there <3

  9. seriouslyyyyyy this dress and you.... heaven!!!!!

  10. SUCHHH a pretty dress! And banana trifle.... gimme that!!! :)

  11. Wow, that dress is gorgeous. Peach is such a great colour, although I'm a little more partial to mint green :)
    All these pictures are making me want to get up and travel somewhere! and make some trifle.

    I like the idea of giveaways but like you say, you want the new followers to stick around afterwards too. You will gain genuine followers and 'giveaway followers' (I made that term up) but it's all in the building of your blog.
    I can't wait for next year and everything you have planned!

    ~ K

  12. That dress is beyond awesome! Wee purses and shoes on a pretty peach background...pure girly-girl/fashionista delight!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  13. Ahhh, you are the cutest! I absolutely looove that dress. A black friday splurge well spent!

  14. What a lovely dress! The peach color is so pretty and spring-ish.

  15. This dress is AMAZZZing! and the shoes!! ahh! love it!!


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