Wednesday, December 25, 2013

White Christmas

Outfit Details:
Bernie Dexter Amour and More Dress in Plaid: ModCloth
(no longer available, but similar styles here and here)
Heart necklace: ASOS (no longer available)
White heels: jcpenney (similar here)
Red boots: DSW (old)
Red coat: eBay

We ended up having a white Christmas!  All the snow had melted by Monday, so I was afraid we'd have green grass showing... but miraculously, we got a dusting of snow that night, and then all through the first half of Christmas Eve day, so it was the perfect amount for the holidays!  Our Christmas Eves are pretty low-key these days.  We used to have huge celebrations with my mom's family (she had three other siblings, all with lots of kids), but it's kind of strange and sad when families drift apart as you get older.  I think there is oftentimes a lot of pressure on families to make the holidays special when the kids are young, and the cracks start to show as you get older.  Or at least, that's how it is in my family.  Now, it's just my parents and me for Christmas.  Which is really nice, don't get me wrong.  But I do miss those big, festive Christmases of my childhood.  

Isn't this dress all kinds of amazing??

We still open nearly all our presents on Christmas Eve (we save the little and silly things for Christmas morning), and we have lots of yummy snack-y foods.  I got some really wonderful things from my parents last night, including my new DSLR(!!!), a few books, a couple of dresses (a black velvet one from Urban Outfitters and a pastel vintage dress from Etsy), aaaaand... MY DAD GOT MY MOM AND ME TICKETS TO SEE HEART!!!  They are coming to Rochester in April, and he got us fifth row seats!!!  I knew about almost all of my presents, but this one was a complete and utter surprise.  I am so so excited!  My mom and I both really love Heart, and I haven't been to an actual concert in forever.  It was really sweet of him to do that (especially since he's not even going!).  I am a really lucky (and spoiled) girl, to have such generous parents.  Since I love giving gifts just as much as receiving them, I tried to make sure I got both of my parents really nice, thoughtful things they would enjoy; I got my dad a bunch of books, a couple of CDs, and a wine stopper that has a drum design on it (since he is a drummer who definitely enjoys his fair share of wine...), and I got my mom all the Friends seasons on DVD, some Betsey Johnson jewelry, and a little art print about gardening.

Today, we're starting off the day with a breakfast of orange rolls & cinnamon rolls, sausages and fruit... and then we'll be headed out to see Saving Mr. Banks (could there be a more perfect Christmas movie for me?!), and then out for Chinese food (like the typical Jews we are).  It's always interesting to see how traditions evolve.  You'd think that traditions would just stay traditions forever, ya know?  We started doing the movie-and-Chinese-food thing when I was in college; prior to that, we'd always done more of a sit-down dinner or leftovers or something, or gone to relatives' houses.  The holidays are always nostalgic, but I like to remind myself that making new traditions can be really special, too.  I have a lot of friends who are on cruise ships or national tours who may not get to come home for Christmas, which would be really difficult, but it's also a chance to make new memories and traditions.  I wonder what my holidays will be like in a few years, or when I have a family of my own (assuming that will happen at some point).  It's been weird not having a boyfriend this year to shop for or to kiss under the mistletoe -- and it's especially weird (and, if I'm being honest here, pretty upsetting) knowing that he does already have someone new to do those things with (..... I'll just let that sink in).  That's a whole other topic for a whole other time, but getting confirmation about that piece of information did put a bit of a damper on my Christmas, as much as it pains me to say it.  Even though I know that I am probably much better off without him, it still stings.  I guess I'd rather know than be in the dark about it.  But when all is said and done... I still choose happiness.  I choose to enjoy my holiday and spend time with people who do love and care about me.  And I choose to not let people who don't take anything else away from me.  I will be merry and bright, and dammit, my Christmas will be white.  :)   
I opted out those red moon boots (as I call them) for white heels during our festivities -- much better!  :)

Have a very merry Christmas!  Sending love to you all.

xox Sammi (+ Bing)


  1. Wow, that dress is so nice. I wish you amazing holidays.

  2. soo cute dress :)

  3. Sounds like a pretty lovely day!! Have a wonderful Christmas m'dear. This is such a gorgeous dress, perfect for the holidays!

  4. That dress is so perfect for Christmas! We are definitely having a green Christmas. We had a weird wave of warmth (what up, alliteration) this past weekend, so all the snow melted and plus it rained so that completely washed it all away. I'm not really complaining, though.

    I agree that once all the kids have grown up, the festivities change. My grandparents used to have the entire family over on Christmas Eve when they had their house, but then they moved to an apartment and all the kids were older so now it's just the more immediate family, but that means that I still get to see my cousins and aunt and uncle. It's still nice, but I still get nostalgic and long for how it used to be. I just keep telling myself that I will make that happen for my family someday. :)

  5. Oh, this is a gorgeous look on you and perfect for the holiday. I think smaller family gatherings can be very special too (spoken like a true invert!); growing up, we lived too far to be able to often see family so...

    Saving Mr. Banks does sound like the perfect holiday film and you are very right about making new traditions. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  6. Ah! Sweet and beautiful Sammi. You are a stunner in this BD dress. I saw the photo modcloth posted of all you gals in the dress and was, 'like, like, like, LIKED' Quadruple hearts. What you said about Christmas showing the cracks when you get older is true for me as well. Wasn't it just so magical as a kid? For me now it's magical in its own way and have a little sister who's only 10 certainty does keep it still quite magical. It's just so different than when I was little and like you said, traditions do evolve.

    Now I don't know if you were following my blog around this time last year, but I was in a scarily similar predicament. My boyfriend of five years and I has just broken up, he started dating two weeks after, and then last Christmas I found out he was engaged. I was devastated. I absolutely know how you feel. But you know what? I have never, ever now been and felt happier. My ex didn't deserve me and your certainty as hell doesn't deserve you. You are a light and an inspiration and I promise you (from someone who's been there, even though I'm younger) it gets better. x

  7. I have been drooling over that dress since the beginning of the year! It's perfect, and I adore how you've styled it!! Merry Christmas! =]

  8. Wow stunning look.. I love your frock...

  9. suchhh a pretty dress! And sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! How amazing you got your photos up so quickly - I'm wildly impressed.

  10. This is the most darling dress ever!


  11. Love this dress! You look freezing!

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  12. I have always loved this Bernie dress!!! It is amazing! You look gorgeous! I hope that you had a lovely holiday! :)

  13. How exciting that you got a new DSLR! You are so lucky! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun learning how to work it and and taking beautiful photos :) It sounds like you had a great holiday!

    Xo, Hannah

  14. Oh my! Wow! Gorgeous, bright colors <3 Beautiful winter style!

    - Anna

  15. Glad to hear you had a white xmas and it was cheerful! This dress is beautiful, too! The light shining through the trees behind you is killer!!! Have fun seeing Heart!

    love, polly :))


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