Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Snow angel

Outfit Details:
Hypatia Dress: ever+mi.crush (50% off with NEWYEAR at checkout!)
Faux fur cape: Target (old, similar here)
Tights: ModCloth (old, similar here)
Dance Instead of Walking Heel in Cream: ModCloth
Ring & bracelet: old

Well, New Year's Eve Day is here... and I still have no idea what I'm doing tonight.  At this point, I think I'm going to end up having dinner with my parents and vegging out on the couch!  Not that this is a horrible way to spend the night or anything... it's just that I feel like that's every night for me these days, since I'm not in rehearsals for anything and don't have much going on at the moment.  I guess it's just weird that this'll be the first time in a long time that I'm not going out to dinner with someone, and that I won't be kissed at midnight.  I know it's dumb, but those are the kinds of things that still affect me a lot.  It's something I'll just have to get used to in time, like anything else.  But I'm definitely trying to look on the bright side: that this roller coaster of a year is finally coming to an end, and that maybe tomorrow, I can just start fresh -- at least a little bit.

I decided that if I were going out for New Year's Eve, I might just wear this dress.  I actually wore this on my birthday this year, so apparently it's a holiday dress for me or something.  Kate of Scathingly Brilliant designed this dress, and it's just so sweet and delicate -- and looks perfect against the snow.  I decided to pair it with this faux fur capelet (which I got from Target last year but never wore!), and they look like they were made to go together!  I never seem to incorporate any pops of color when I wear this dress, and I'm not exactly sure why.  Maybe because the soft gray and ivory are a statement in themselves, and it would take away from that if I added a color.

I just have to say that two things that have made the last few days of 2013 great are:

1) I came home to find my mom had rearranged my bedroom and had put some of my new (and formerly stored) furniture into my room!  I'm so in love with the way it looks, and I can't wait to make more headway on the room (I'm especially excited to paint)!

A work in progress!  I can't decide on whether I want lavender or mint for the walls.
My new gorgeous dresser from DSARTE!  They are TRULY wonderful.  They shipped this dresser all the way from Reno and were so professional.  The price was fantastic, too!
New lilac bedding (my favorite flower)!
My fairy desk is back!  I used it in my old apartment and it's been sitting down in the basement ever since!  It's made from an old sewing machine table, and I'm so in love with the fairy decoupage.  It's from OrWa Designs.
Someone approves of the makeover!
2) Yesterday, I uploaded a photo to Instagram that pertained to yesterday's post, which included an outfit from November that featured my Betsey Johnson phone bag.  The lovely Ashley from Southern (California) Belle was kind enough to alert me that BETSEY JOHNSON HERSELF tweeted that photo of me (and called me a babe -- pinch me!) soon after!!  It was just a really cool little thing, especially since my mom is SUCH a huge Betsey Johnson fan!!  I've gotten her Betsey Johnson jewelry for the past two Christmases, she has vintage Betsey Johnson pieces, and she just loves her aesthetic.  It definitely brightened up my day and made me feel special, and those are both things that I selfishly cherish these days.  She also requested to follow me on Twitter, which was neat.  :)

Oh, and one more thing that has made not only the the last few days, weeks and months pretty great: all of you!  I feel so privileged and lucky to get to know such wonderful, kind, creative people.  As cynical as I can sometimes be about technology actually making us be less connected to real life situations... it's truly amazing that I've gotten to know so many lovely people and feel emotionally close to them, despite having never met any of my blogger friends IRL (yet!).  Though I am glad to see this year end, I am overjoyed that this year has brought so many new and fantastic people into my life.

I hope you all have a spectacular and safe New Year's Eve!
xox Sammi


  1. That phone bag is awesome! Got to love Betsey Johnson :)

  2. This is an incredibly sweet look, love the light pink on you!! It looks perfect with that faux fur stole. Staying home and vegging is sometimes just what you need, especially after a crazy year!

  3. I request more photos of your cat :)

  4. I think I am the opposite. I am most comfortable spending my new years at home in the quiet. My boyfriend and I were invited to a party but we declined to spend the new years with just us. I've never really been into the the large crowds and party scene - too many people for my liking.

    Happy new year to you!

    ~ K

  5. I'm still dying over the Betsey tweet, that is so amazing! Like your mom, I'm a total superfan. You make her stuff look good :). I'm soooo loving this outfit, it really is perfect for winter.

  6. Oh my gosh, that Betsey tweet is seriously the greatest thing. I bet you were so ecstatic---you deserve that shout out, you do!! And yeah, you totally ARE working that bag. :) Congrats times a million, my sweet, sweet Sammi! YOU ROCK! (internet high ten to the tenth power)

    And this outfit is absolutely darling. That fur shawl is precious on you, and I even love the details down to that tiny pearl ring.

    Hope 2014 is great for you--I luhh that positive attitude. :)

  7. Oh, first off- you do look like a snow angel come to live. So darling.

    And that is so, SO cool about the tweet :D :D :D

    Also, how cute is your room? That furniture is so you!

    Lastly... your attitude is so good. I love that you look forward, always, and hope that 2014 is your year!

  8. That Betsey tweet is so exciting!! Yay for you :) I'm loving how tone on tone this outfit is, and how you made an already delicate dress look even more delicate with that faux fur wrap!!

  9. Your room is so adorable! I'm dying over that dresser. I think you should go with lavender walls over mint : ) Happy New Year!!!


  10. Hope 2014 is great for you!!

    You definitely look like a snow angel and that tweet is so awesome!! That dresser is in the perfect color. Love it!

  11. Um that is INSANE and awesome that Betsey Johnson tweeted your pic!! SO cool. And this dress is gorgeous - of course Kate designed it - I LOVE her style! (and yours!) That fur stole is too perfect with it too, you definitely look like a snow princess/queen/angel.
    Hope your NYE went well! We usually stay at home with my family too but ventured out this year.
    P.S. You're too much of a stunner to stay without New Year's kisses for long ;)

    Happy New Year girl!!


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