Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I just called to say I love you

Outfit Details:
Heart dress (worn as a top): dELiA*s (similar here and here)
Betsey Johnson Ring Me Crossbody Bag: ModCloth (sold out everywhere!)
Black bow belt: GoJane (similar here)
Telephone brooch: Kitty Cat Shop
Lady in Rad Boots in Ink: ModCloth
Black tights: similar here

Sometimes, an outfit I have planned out in my head looks just as good as I had hoped it would.  And then other times, pieces just don't work out like I'd thought.  I had every intention of wearing a petticoat underneath this skirt, but when I tried it, it looked really ridiculous.  Something about the length of this particular skirt, I guess.  I don't own a lot of skirts, and I don't have many this length, so I was a little skeptical of how it'd look with this dress layered underneath as a top.  This knit dress is way more of a body-con style than I normally wear, and it's definitely not working for me these days... but I love the print and the fact that it's warm, so I wanted to find a way to remix it.

I've been under the weather the past few days, and I'm really hoping it's not strep.  I have today off, so I'm going to try to get to the doctor.  At least it's coming at a time where I don't have to be stressed about being sick (i.e., right before an audition or opening a show).  I'm so envious of people who don't get sick very often!  My immune system has always kinda sucked, but I know there are a bunch of things I could do to stay healthy for a longer period of time.  I just always forget to do them!

We ended up getting a bunch of snow last night (I woke up from a nap to a blanket of snow on the ground!), and it's supposed to be really cold throughout the rest of the week, so I can't imagine it'll all thaw again for a while.  My problem is that so many of my shoes are too cute (and too un-sturdy) to wear out in the snow, but the boots I have only look good with certain things -- and they kind of ruin the look of some of my outfits!  I ordered a pair of high white snow boots from eBay (though I'm assuming they're probably going to be pretty low quality, even if they fit) to try and combat this problem, because my room isn't nearly nice enough yet to take photos in there and I still prefer going outside, even if it is cold.  There is something very serene in it, and I love my alone time.

Have a great Wednesday!
xox Sammi


  1. This is such a lovely, wintery look! I love the wee phone pin :) These photos are gorgeous. They make me miss the woods in my old backyard. I used to love watching the sunset through the bare trees. Feel better! I don't have the best immune system either, so I know how you feel!

    Jenny Lee

  2. Ugh...I always get sick too for some reason, and I'm always afraid I have strep whenever I get a sore throat. You should try taking Zicam the minute you feel the cold coming on. That's what I've been doing and the cold is so much more mild! Anywho...I love this outfit and the classic black and white color scheme. We got snow too, and I's hard to dress up with snow boots! haha.

  3. how cute!! I love your bag & brooch. :)

  4. Very adorable. I love your location :)

    I hope you can come over and return the favor. :)

  5. You always look like a vintage dream.

    xo Ashley

  6. I love your full skirt, and that bag and pin are the cutest!!


  7. I always love the fit of your skirts, I wish I were taller so I could pull them off! Being just short of five foot one, they look ridiculous on me! Ah, well. Lovely print on your top as well!

    Kalie H.

  8. You have the best wardrobe ever.

    Hopefully it's not strep!! <3

  9. What a sweet outfit! I love that you remixed this dress to make it look like a top! I would have never know as it looks so perfect under this lovely skirt! Your bag is just too awesome! I sure hope you feel better soon!


  10. Gah, this bag. It's so perfect. So happy to be able to catch up on your blog finally! Hope you feel better soon :)


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