Saturday, November 23, 2013

Suzy Snowflake

Outfit Details:
Sailor Moon Dress: borrowed from Marisa (available through Mata Traders)
Lilac blouse: Vintage Style Me
Tights: ModCloth (old, similar here)
Dance Instead of Walking Heel in Ivory: ModCloth
Macaron ring: ASOS (old, similar styles here)
Hat & belt: ASOS (old)
Clutch: Ponychops
Mod For It Coat in Grey: ModCloth (old)

Oh my goodness.  I have said it before and I'll say it again: I'm so happy and feel so lucky to be a part of Flock Together!  Not only have I gotten to know some of the loveliest lady bloggers around, but it's a total dream to be able to raid each others' closets (and feel totally secure in the knowledge that my own clothes will be well taken care of -- as an only child, this is a "thing" for me)!  This dress of Marisa's is such an awesome piece (and side note: I always love borrowing things from Marisa - she has such a great eye, and our measurements are pretty similar, which is a plus!).  Marisa actually styled this dress in four different ways (one for each season!) on her blog, and I love all of them!  Be sure to check our her post here.  The collar on this dress is fantastic (wait til you see the back!), and I think gray is probably my favorite neutral.  I knew I wanted to pair this dress with a blouse underneath, and when I got this vintage top from Vintage Style Me, I had a hunch that they'd make a good pair.  I absolutely love the sleeves on this blouse (there's also some great detailing on the front, which is covered up by the dress), and the color is one of my favorites.  I ended up going a tad bit French with this - I guess because the hat looks like a beret, and the macaron ring matches so wonderfully.  Oh, and these were taken during our first snowfall!  Eek!  The snow has since melted, but we're supposed to get more over the past week or so... I'm not ready!!  But like it or not, winter is almost here.

I got this coat last year, during one of ModCloth's mega sales, after eyeing it forever.  It was originally way too expensive to justify the purchase, so I was thrilled when it went on sale.  I got lucky, because the sizing is really strange on this -- it's UK sizing, and I'm normally a pretty solid UK 12 (equivalent to a US 8), but after reading the reviews, I ended up sizing up to a UK 16 -- and it fits perfectly!  Thank goodness, since it was a final sale item.  Sometimes taking a chance works out in the end.  :)  

Confession: I really dislike my knuckles, but what's a ring-loving gal to do?

In other news, today is my dad's 60th birthday!  He and my mom went out for dinner last night, and I feel badly that he has a gig tonight (but a gig's a gig!), but I get the feeling he might not have wanted a big hullabaloo anyway.  I'm pretty sure he reads my blog (or at least, he always "likes" my blog-related Facebook posts), so Dad, if you're reading this: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  :)  We may not always get along (though this has admittedly changed a LOT, for the better), but my dad is a really cool, talented, caring guy, and I'm very grateful to be his daughter.  I just hope I can make him proud of me.

I'm stuck inside answering phones all day (it's busy at the box office), so enjoy your Saturday for me! 

xox Sammi


  1. I just love everything about this outfit; the color, the cut, the layering, the tights, and the snow. And I don't even like snow. But You made it look good. So hats off to you. ;)

    Also, wear that dress more. It's divine. :P


  2. You outfit is just so charming, like always! I'm dying over the hats that you own! They're all so lovely and classic looking!
    Keep the gorgeous photos and outfits coming!

  3. Love the whole outfit...color, detail & style.

  4. For one thing the details/accessories here like the buttons on your coat, the hat, the purse are all incredibly STUNNING! I just love how this piece looks on you and you have totally inspired me to pair it with pastels next time I wear it. :-) You are such a doll Sammi!

  5. That vintage hat is perfection! Alex

  6. My dad turned sixty this year too (we also did not do much. His mother was taken to the hospital two days previous...) Happy Birthday to your dad!

    Also, this outfit exemplifies something I really love about your outfits- how well you coordinate all the details. Like here- the color of the shirt and hat match the purse, which has round circle details. The round circle details match the shape (and even colors) of the buttons and the shape (and color) of the ring. Magic!

  7. Gorgeous outfit!! I love how you piece items together.. it's something I need to learn :)

  8. Really nice and cute.

  9. i'd have never thought to style Marisa's Mata Traders dress in this lovely vintage way but you did itjust perfectly Sammie! absolutely love the lilac w/ it, that blouse under is just perfect, and esp w/ that darling beret. and ah, happy bday to your dad! i love when people take the time to appreciate the love their parents have given them. and wow... snow!! so crazy.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  10. Thanks so much for the reply, it was very helpful for figuring out where to store my belts. You're also very thoughtful to reply where I'd be sure to find it :]
    Anyways, I love the lavender color throughout this outfit and how the buttons on your coat are different colors! Super cute, I especially like your hat! Also, sorry for asking another question, but I was wondering what type of hat it is as it seems to just sit on top of your head without encasing it (if that makes sense >_<) I was wondering how it stays on your head essentially,
    Hope I'm not being a bother!

  11. You look amazing. Purple is a surprisingly perfect color on you! You are such an inspiration to Flock Together! I can't even imagine what your wardrobe looks like. Cause everything I've seen is PERFECTION.

  12. How cute are you? So cute! You belong in a Christmas movie.

  13. I'm loving this dress paired with your white/lilac accessories! Your hat is so cute!

    Xo, Hannah

  14. So, this is like the cutest outfit ever! (And, yes, I actually talk like this, I won't lie!) I ADORE all of the cuts and shapes that are happening in this outfit! And the color combo is AMAZING!


  15. Yup, this is beyond adorable. I love the colours and the repetition of the circle details. And your hat! So sweet.

    Also, can we have some of your snow?! ;)

    Jenny Lee


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