Wednesday, October 30, 2013

High school hellcat

Outfit Details:
Bernie Dexter top: eBay
Chic Companion Skirt in Chat: ModCloth
Ruffle trim socks: ASOS (similar here)
Belt: from another dress
Saddle shoes: Payless
Petticoat: eBay

This outfit is not my Halloween costume (I'm posting that tomorrow), but it'd work in a pinch!  If I weren't being a cupcake, I'd totally wear this instead.  I'm always trying to figure out what I can wear this Bernie Dexter top with, and because it's a little short on me, it works best with high waisted jeans or tucked into a skirt.  I'd also been looking for a pair of saddle shoes FOREVER (thank you to Kate Gabrielle for finding perfect ones at Payless, of all places!), and since I have a penchant for anything involving a petticoat, I had also been on the lookout for a full swing or poodle skirt.  ModCloth recently offered a discount for any animal-related items on their site, so I took the plunge and ordered this one.  It's really lovely, and very well made, except that the zipper is disappointing.  It got stuck going over a seam close to the waistband, and then when I tried to take it off, the zipper pull got stuck at the top while the length of the zipper detached itself from its other side (i.e., all the teeth are separated with no way to put them back together, with the way the zipper was put in).  I'm totally bummed, so I put in an e-mail to ModCloth Customer Care (since they're usually pretty wonderful) and I'm hoping that it's maybe just this particular skirt, and not the entire stock of them, that has a bad zipper and that I can try a replacement one.  I'd take it to the tailor and just get the zipper itself replaced, but I guess I'd rather try and see if getting a different skirt altogether will solve the problem first (since if it doesn't, I can return it for a refund -- though I'd be so sad to give it up!).

EDIT: I was contacted by a truly wonderful ModCloth Customer Care rep, who offered to ship me a new skirt immediately, and said I didn't even have to bother returning the original one!  I can honestly say, without reservation, that ModCloth has some of the best customer service of any large brand (especially online-based ones!) that I've ever encountered.  Cross your fingers that the new skirt has a better zipper!  :)

Have a great Wednesday, and since it seems appropriate for this ensemble, I will leave you with a selection from the greatest, kookiest 50s movie musical of all time... Cry-Baby:

xox Sammi
(and Johnny Depp)


  1. hey man, but this could totally double as a Halloween costume if you couldn't get on on time! This is so freakin' CUTE! And so you. I just love those shoes with your skirt and your hair done up like that. Looks like you stepped straight out of Grease.

  2. This is super cute!! I didn't get a costume this year, I was boycotting halloween last weekend and having a selfish birthday weekend (which I'm sure you understand). However, we got invited to a party this weekend, so my plan is to be Lucille Ball. Easy quick fix with red hair and a vintage dress.
    PS I LOVE that you're being a cupcake. I always wanted to be something birthday related since so many halloween parties are on my birthday. Can't wait to see your pics!!

  3. Very nice look. I like your skirt.

  4. Ah, love it! Especially those shoes! Bummer about the zipper, though. Hopefully you'll get a replacement skirt!

    Jenny Lee

  5. Pretty incredible! You look EXACTLY like a halloween costume I wore when I was around 8 years old...I was a 50's sock hop girl with a red poodle skirt with a telephone on it :) A great predictor of my future!

    P.S. Thank you for all of the lovely comments you leave me! x

  6. WHAT A CUTE SKIRT! You look wonderful - I recently went to see Grease musical and think you'll fit right in with the Pink Ladies! :)

  7. Wearing petticoats can be such fun! Glad that the customer service was so prompt.

  8. SO in love with your shoes!

    Xo, Hannah


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