Thursday, September 19, 2013

Meow mix

Outfit Details:
Start Spreading the Mews Dress: ModCloth
The Dream of the Crop Cardigan in Pink: ModCloth
Hot air balloon necklace: Sweet and Lovely
Black belt: from another dress
Black flats: JC Penney

I have a backlog of photos I took before my breakup occurred, and since I have been incredibly busy and haven't been in the best mindset to take new outfit photos since then, I decided to go ahead and use some for this post.  I really want to thank each and every person who commented with such kind, supportive things on my last post.  It means the world to me that so many people -- whom I've never even met -- care enough to reach out with such sweet sentiments.  I have been trying to stay distracted, but I'm afraid that this has caused me to sweep things under the rug a little bit; I feel like I'm more in denial about the situation, rather than accepting it and trying to move on from it.  But I guess the stages of grief don't really happen in a linear fashion, so I can't fault myself for the way I'm dealing with it.

In non-heartbreak news, my show opens tonight as part of the Rochester Fringe Festival.  I've been dealt a kind of rough hand, after coming down with a pretty significant cold on Sunday night, but I'm still determined to power through.  Luckily, we get a little bit of a break between our opening night and our second show, so hopefully what's left of my sickness will be gone for our last two shows.  We were featured on the local news this week with a little interview and performance clip.  If you're interested in taking a look, you can see the segment here!

I was also cast in a production of a musical called My Son Pinocchio (based on Disney's Pinocchio and on this weird movie called Gepetto that starred Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Drew Carey, of all people) with a local children's theatre.  I'll be playing the part of the Blue Fairy, which will be really fun.  I love playing magical characters, and it'll be nice to go from playing an evil witch this fall to a well-meaning fairy this spring.

I'm trying to focus on the positive things in my life right now, and not dwell on the stuff with which I'm struggling.  The early mornings and late evenings are the hardest.  I still can't really believe that my relationship is over.  However, even I'm surprised at how resilient I've proved to be thus far.  Yes, things affect me in different ways now, and I can get choked up at the drop of a hat.  But I think I have managed to stay pretty strong, in spite of how vulnerable I feel.

Again, I hope you all know how much I appreciate your support and kindness.  Knowing that there are such wonderful people in this blogosphere is a very comforting thought.

xox Sammi    


  1. THat print is crazy. Cool though.

    Break a leg with your shows!

  2. I'm glad you are able to focus on the good things in your life right now- your positivity is such an inspiration <3

    Now about that outfit- love the dress with that pink cardi- adorable! Alex

  3. Keep hanging in there. It will get better. Your outfit is adorable. Good luck on your shows! Wait, are you not supposed to say that to an actor? Break a leg, then:)

  4. So sorry to hear about your breakup, they're never easy :( It's super tough, one of my best friends and her man of 7 years just split and it's heartbreaking to see someone I care about going through something so tough. I hope you start to feel better soon!!
    I swear you have the most amazing collection of dresses, I want to steal all your funky printed ones!

  5. I love this dress, and your little necklace is so cute! Keep pushing on. I know that when you wake up and when you go to bed are the worst times when these things happen. It sucks, but each day it will get better. It can only get better from here, just keep that in mind! Good luck on your show, and I hope you're feeling better! <3

  6. Aw, you can get through this, my dear, sweet, Sammi! I think you're coping just as you should. I mean, there's really no correct way to cope with things, is there? Just do what feels right and listen to yourself and stay positive. I adore you, sweetums!

    I hope you had an excellent show last night! I'm sure you were incredible--wish I could have been there to cheer you on!~ n____n Your dress is such a super fun piece and I would get so distracted by it. Do you just read it when you get bored? If I was waiting in line I'd just start reading it. Maybe people behind you in the line read it, too. You're walkin' entertainment :)

  7. I checked out some of your performances on Youtube, and I have to say I was blown away by your talent and obvious hard work at what you do. Your passion for music and theatre is so obvious in your performances, and I bet anything we'll be seeing you on Broadway and receiving multiple Tony awards : ) I wish I lived closer to check out your performances live.

    I'm so glad you are able to credit yourself with being resilient, in terms of the break up. In hard times it's easy to have only negative thoughts about oneself. Keep believing in yourself!

    My favorite pic in this group of photos is the one where you are leaned against the tree looking off to the side. I love the way the sun is barely glinting through the trees. You look adorable btw!

  8. Such a rad dress and the crop cardi is too cute ^_^ <3

    - Anna

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  9. Anything with cats on it, I'm sold. Too perfect. Meow. ;)


  10. I think it's wonderful that you're trying to be positive despite your breakup- I know you'll be alright, love! You continue to inspire me and so many other girls who come across your blog. Don't lose hope!

    Xo, Hannah

  11. woah! I would wear this dress EVERYWHERE! It's so great. You look wonderful! Radio Kitty? LOL!!!!!

  12. WOW! really love the blog! new follower! follow?

  13. I really like the dress. Very unique prints! :D
    I hope you are feeling much better and congratulations on the play opportunity! :D

    Post more outfits when you have time! :D

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    cassandra xx


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