Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Candy striper

Outfit Details:
Cotton Candy Stand Dress: purchased from Kate of Scathingly Brilliant (orig. from ModCloth)
Pink petticoat: vintage (purchased from my voice teacher)
White bolero: Target (old)
Travel necklace: ASOS (old)
T-strap flats: Urban Outfitters (sold out)

I first wore this dress on my blog in May, when it was finally starting to get warm outside.  It's starting to get cooler (yesterday was the first day that actually felt like fall), so I thought I'd style this dress for the changing seasons.  It's not cool enough to wear tights yet, but I thought this was a good way to try to transition this sweet-and-sugary dress.  This dress is made by Hell Bunny, one of my favorite retro-inspired brands, and I bought it during one of Kate's "shop my closet" updates.  She has such great taste, and I was thrilled to snag this dress from her!  And speaking of "shop my closet"... I am hastily working on an update to my own "shop my closet" store!  I have tons of pieces that will be great for autumn, so I am busy taking photos of those to list!  If you're interested, check out what's currently in my shop here.  The prices are really low, and I'd love to get these items to good homes while there's still the hope of a little last bit of warmth outside!

We're only halfway through the week, but it's already been a crazy-busy one.  I stayed up 'til late editing a bunch of rehearsal tracks (which our pianist so kindly recorded for us) in GarageBand, and I'm still not done.  I'm wearing very many hats for this production.  At least it's never boring.  I'm realizing I'm going to have to take a bunch of photos at once to get ahead on blogging, since the Fringe Festival is an insane time (as is the week or so leading up to it).  I'm gonna have to grab my free time while I can, and make the very most of it.  I'm already feeling the effects of this stressful slash exciting time, so I'm glad that I get a night off to celebrate Rosh Hashanah with my family.  I love going to my grandparents' house for the Jewish holidays.  This holiday is in my top three (the other two being Passover and Chanukkah), but really, any holiday (or day, in general) that involves eating yummy food, I'm all about it.  :)

Hope you have a lovely Wednesday!
xox Sammi


  1. beautiful dress! you look like princess:)

    ANECIA ♥

  2. This dress looks so wonderful on you! The stripes and the color give it such a sweet and innocent look! I can't believe this isn't an actual vintage dress. Your life in theater sounds like so much fun (also work).

  3. This so great that you were able to snag one of Kate's dresses! Her blog is just the best, isn't it? This dress is absolutely lovely on you. I feel like you and Kate are kind of style soul sisters, don't you think? :)

  4. I have this dress too, it's so adorable!! I plan on getting lots of wear out of it in summer :D I love the pink lacy petticoat you're wearing with yours, so perfect!

  5. Oh my gosh! This is too darling! I'm the biggest sucker for pink and white or red and white stripes! And this is just perfect on so many levels! Also, that necklace is AMAZING!!!


  6. Such a cute dress! And I love that necklace!

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  7. wow, what a gorgeous dress. i love it on you, and i love that you are transitioning summer dresses for fall! and now i'm off to check out your shop!

  8. You are so lovely! I adore the little layer of lace beneath your dress!

    Xo, Hannah

  9. Oh my! What a sweet dress. Seriously, you have the cutest dresses. ♥


  10. I love how beautiful your dress is! The cut is gorgeous and the lace trim is just darling!

    fashion and tea

  11. This dress looks beautiful on you Sammi! I love that you got it from another blogger too, nothing like supporting another blogger and passing on some great pieces :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  12. This dress is so gorgeous!

    Xo, Hannah


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