Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mad about plaid

Outfit Details:
Prairie Extraordinary Dress: ModCloth (no longer available)
Kimchi Blue T-Strap Flats: Urban Outfitters
Heart necklace: ASOS (sold out)
Daisy ring: Mom's

I wore this dress on my blog back in April, before I started taking photos outside.  I wear this dress pretty often, because I'm so in love with this vibrant plaid and the design of it.  I'm basically wearing this dress the same way as I wore it last time (though I changed up the shoes and added a ring), but this one is a little difficult to remix -- at least for me!  If it were cool enough outside, I'd have worn it with a cardigan, but Saturday was just too warm and lovely for that!  I wore this to the Public Market and out to dinner.  It was a truly beautiful day.  I want to savor summer for as long as it will stick around.

Sadly, this beautiful dress is no longer available on the ModCloth website (and the brand, Blutsgeschwister, is based in Germany and does not ship outside the country), but ModCloth carries several other pieces by them -- all of which have charming, German-inspired details.  And speaking of ModCloth... did you know that yesterday marked the start of their Last Hurrah Sale, which features some incredible pieces, all 70% off!??  I couldn't resist snagging two dresses I've been lusting after for quite a while now.  My bank account is very angry with me.  Shopping ban reinstated.

Have a great Tuesday!
xox Sammi


  1. Aaah this dress really is dreamy, Sammi! Gosh that plaid is the most exciting plaid print my eyes have eva SEEN! So bright and rainbow-y without being tacky. And the cut is so nice, too! Reminds me of that Candyland board game for some reason... and I mean that in the bestest way, hehe. :D

  2. Oh the vibrant colors and joyful look of the plaid- You don't need to remix this any other way. It stands on its own.

  3. I was going to say the same thing as Kristian! A dress this lovely and colorful is so great just by itself. I love the unexpected trim too! And the shoes you chose to pair with it are some of my favorites. They are just darling and I love anything with a t-strap.
    And ahhh I know modcloth sales are going to put me in the poorhouse...I may have bought a dress or two myself...ooops!

  4. this is a very cute plaid dress! I love it!


  5. This dress is so perfect for a picnic!

    Xo, Hannah


  6. Gosh, I love plaid! very cute dress :)

  7. The colors in this dress are fantastic and I adore the contrasting print at the hem. <3 I always love those little details in garments. What are the odds that we'd be wearing similar dresses this week? Haha. You look beautiful!

    - Anna


  8. I have always been attracted to colorful plaid patterns- and this one is just gorgeous! Beautiful contrasting colors and complimented by such a lovely shape that looks great on you! Fun outfit, Sammi :)

    xo, Alyssa

  9. Cute outfit! I love that dress so much!(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  10. such a cute plaid dress! love the necklace too :)



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