Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tutti frutti

Outfit Details:
Nishe Fruit Dress: ASOS (on sale!)
Spectator heels: BAIT footwear (also on sale!)
Strawberry ring: Urban Outfitters (also on sale!)
Wicker purse: Chicwish (amazingly, also on sale!!)

I have no idea how I managed to put an outfit together where each piece is on sale from its regular price.  I'm pretty sure I managed to only get the shoes on sale, as I think I bought everything else prior to them going on sale.  Which is sad for me, but it's good for you, if you have an interest in purchasing any of these pieces!  This dress from Nishe has been sitting in my closet for a while, though I'm not sure why... or rather, how I could leave something fruit-adorned buried in my closet for so long.

I could die of cuteness from these buttons alone.

I'm pretty sure I am going to put another dress from Nishe in my shop my closet store fairly soon.  I love their designs, but I have several Nishe dresses in my closet already.  It's such a cute little dress, with pretty pastel stars all over (and the buttons are blue stars, as well), in a style very similar to this one.  I have a bunch of other items that I want to put into the shop soon, too (including a dress from Sugarhill Boutique, one from Urban Outfitters, one from American Apparel, and one from Forever 21).  It's on the ever-growing list of things I need to accomplish.

Have a fruitful (ha) Tuesday!
xox Sammi


  1. What cute apple buttons! And I just love those shoes :)

  2. What usually happens to me is that I buy something and then two days later it goes on sale. I definitely have luck on my side.

    YOU are a tutti frutti cutie, Sammi. That material looks so silky to the touch (must be niiice to wear! *___*) and I adore the buttons lining down the front.

  3. Bait Footwear is the best! That pop of red looks amazing with your lipstick! Those apple buttons are to DIE FOR!!!!!!!

    love, polly :)

  4. It's BAD for me that everything is on sale! It makes it so much harder to have self control and not buy any of the adorable pieces that you own! I'm so glad you dug this dress out of your closet, it's lovely and has the best print. And aren't BAIT shoes amazing? I wish I could own every pair from them!

  5. Oh, also, clothing swap with you? Um, absolutely, 100%, yes let's do it please!

  6. ugh stop you are the CUTEST!!!!

  7. Wonderful! Had my eyes on this dress too, but I didn't go for it because white makes me always so pale. I love to see it on you, it looks awesome. Every piece you wear is a perfect sale pick! Lots of love, Sara xxx

  8. what an adorable dress! really like your photos, hose woods look very intesting! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  9. Those buttons! Cutest thinh ever. I had a dress with sharpener buttons but those fruit buttons are way cuter! ♥♥♥


  10. Nishe makes such adorable stuff, I've had my eye on a few of their pieces for a while! If I hadn't just spent all of my money on the Collectif sale I would be buying the blouse version of this dress that ASOS has at the moment. *sigh*

    1. I spent some of mine on the Collectif sale, too. Too good to pass up! <3

  11. This outfit is just too precious. Love your little shoes and picnic basket!

    Xo, Hannah



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