Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The last few days...

The last few days have been absolutely nuts, so no new outfit photos yet.  :(  I've been busy helping Steven move into his new apartment here in Rochester(!), so I've barely had time for anything other than that.  But here are a few (bad iPhone quality) photos I've managed to snap over the past few days...

The outside of Steven's building

A mama bunny made a nest for her babies(!!!!) in our yard.  I took a peek at them - they were SO teeny tiny and soft!  I could barely believe how amazingly cute they were.  I left lettuce for the mama and covered them up (my dog had disturbed their little nest, and we were worried about the babies - otherwise, I wouldn't have gone near them), but we think the mama moved them during the night to a safer place, which I feel relieved about.  They're too tiny and delicate!

I bought my dream bicycle... and am waiting for it to ship.  I'm not sure what's taking so long, but I'm very impatient!  I'm going to get a different basket (a more charming one) for the front, I think.

And here is my kitty cat, inquisitive as always.  She can't understand why I'm allowed outside.

I'm writing this while at work, and I have tomorrow (which will actually be today when this is posted), so I'm hoping the weather holds up long enough for me to finally take some photos.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
xox Sammi


  1. Haha no reason to apologize for being busy! :) I like seeing little pokes into people's lives through posts and pictures like these, though. That bike is so dreamy, and so very you. I just loooove the color!

  2. FANTASTIC bicycle!!! So pretty! And I'm glad the bunnies are safe...Good to know my cat isn't the only one who's confused as to why she can't go everywhere I go! :)


  3. The picture of Steven's apartment is so pretty. and I love the bike!

  4. The bike is so cute!!! So very you.

  5. Moving is so exciting and that apartment building looks adorable. Enjoy helping him get settled. :)

  6. THAT BICYCLE!!! Gah. Girl, you make me want to move out of nyc fast.


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