Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sealed with a kiss

Outfit Details:
Kiss of Cuteness Romper: ModCloth
Gray long-sleeved bodysuit: Go Jane
Professor of Pop Flat: ModCloth
Heart necklace: ASOS

Okay, so this romper (which is really more like a pair of dungarees than a romper) is probably not one of the more flattering items I own... but it's so darn adorable (and it's by Nishe, my favorite brand!) that I had to keep it.  It's funny how much more comfortable I am in a dress than this romper, though.  Flowy skirts give you some wiggle room (literally!), and this outfit certainly doesn't.  But it's so kitschy and cute!  And I can't resist those things!

The heart-shaped buttons!!!

And obviously, the tongue-in-cheek cheek (hah) embroidery is not lost on me.  I love when designers have a sense of humor in their clothing!

I also really love these cute little flats!

Have a great Thursday!
xox Sammi


  1. I think the romper's adorable. And I just love those flats!

  2. wow so cute :) like small girl- lovely!

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  3. Nice outfit. Great day.

  4. Oh Sammi, you pull stuff off so well <3 Adorable as usual :-) Alex

  5. Oh my god, that romper is AMAZING.

  6. Nishe can do no wrong! except not fit me! waaa! Just gonna have to get the fruit dress instead!! This Romper is simply too cute on you, and those heart shaped buttons! The attention to detail they do is the best.

    hoping you have a lovely day hun!! xxx Rebecca

    1. Argh! I'd let you borrow my purple gingham one if it weren't way too big for you! The fruit dress is super cute. Check eBay UK at some point and see if you can find the purple one!


  7. This romper is just too freaking adorable! I never feel comfortable in the, (dresses all the way!), but this one is so much fun and absolutely adorable on you. The "cheeks" (haha) are by far the best part!

  8. Ahhh that's just so cute! :D Lol that embroidery!!!

  9. So I'm pretty darn sure you're the only one cute enough to be able to pull that off. HOW cute is this romper?! It's like a cupcake romper. So cute and light pink and pretty. I know what you mean about dresses giving you some wiggle room--that's why I love 'em so much opposed to pants and such! You can eat a little and not worry... hahaha

  10. Another super cute outfit! And I love those shoes~


  11. So fun! Perfect little polka dot shoes!

  12. Those heart shaped buttons really make it that much more special! I love the shoes too.

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  13. this is gorgeousss! LOVE x

    vaNatalie Off Duty

  14. I've never seen a romper like this before...seriously, how much more adorable can you get :-) LOVE it! It's the perfect mix of sweet and pinup at the same time.

    xo Marisa

  15. That is just about the cutest romper I've ever seen! I adore the colour and the little lovely details! You look adorable!

    x Sarah

  16. How cute are all these elements? The romper, the shoes, your top! Love, love love! <3



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