Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Petticoat junction

Outfit Details:
Virginia Dress: eShakti
Red belt: Pinup Girl Clothing (sold out)
Petticoat: eBay
White flats: yeswalker
Heart necklace: ASOS (sold out)

Oh, eShakti, how I love thee.  

I actually scored this dress from eShakti's overstock section.  They make it super easy to search for pieces in your size at discounted prices.  Most of all, I love eShakti because of their amazing customization options!  I think it's pretty amazing that they give such accurate measurements for sizes, and that you can provide your exact measurements so they can make a dress that's specially made just for you!  Sometimes sizing can be really difficult when shopping online, and eShakti has truly made it a breeze.  I also love that you can have pocket, sleeve, neckline and hemline customization for an incredibly reasonable price.  I can't think of any other company that does that.

This dress turned out to be a little longer than I'd expected (though if I'd ordered it at full price, I would have been able to customize that!), but it's perfect with a petticoat underneath.  This outfit turned out to be really patriotic-looking - whoops!  Maybe I'll wear it for the fourth of July or something. 

Whoops, upside down necklace.  I still like the picture.

Obligatory petticoat reveal

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
xox Sammi

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  1. Sooo nice pics.

  2. eShakti really is the best, isn't it? This dress is wonderful and it looks amazing with a petticoat! You should definitely wear this for the fourth :)

    As for your question — I really do like storenvy better, but I find that a lot of times items just sit there because not as many people see it. I've had good luck selling some stuff there, but I know it'll be ages before everything gets sold. While eBay can suck sometimes (I've had my fair share of bad experiences) at least there's an end date to items and more than not, they get sold. And then if they don't, I just relist them. Plus, I usualy start the auction and the minimum that I'm willing to sell for, and then it's nice when things end up selling for way more than I had expected. With Storenevy it's just a flat price that you set, so I like that there's the possibility of making more money with eBay. Hope that helps!

  3. You look amazingamazingamazingamazing!!!!!!


  4. I adore the neckline of this dress and I might have to snag one for myself! I love the addition of the petticoat, it is just perfect with this dress.

  5. That scalloped neckline is simply gorgeous! Alex

  6. you are seriously the queen of vintage-like clothing. each outfit just blows me more and more away! and who knew what a difference a petticoat can do, huh?

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  7. The belt and the dress match perfectly! Really pretty! The make-up and the necklace just finishes it off! :)

    xx Angela @ Art of being weird

  8. You look beeeeautiful! Great dress, as always!

  9. I love this dress! The red definitely makes it a "picnic" style outfit. And yes, eShakti is totally wonderful. And I think longer hemlines REALLY work on your body/height. Totally jealous.

  10. I love that dress and it does look very patriotic :) Gosh, eShakti is AMAZING.

  11. The neckline on that dress is super pretty! I love it with the petticoat, too.(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  12. Oh my gosh it's soooo amazing with the petticoat! And I love the length, don't see it that often :)


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