Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Orange grove

Outfit Details:
Emily and Fin Oranges & Lemons Dress: ASOS (sold out)
Orange belt: ASOS
Boater hat: River Island
Black T-Strap Flats: BAIT

I can't believe I let this darling dress just sit (or rather, hang) in my closet for so long!  This was the first time I've worn it!  It was rainy on and off on Monday when I took these, and finally the rain subsided and I was able to take some pictures in the last of the daylight.

I love how Floridian this print looks!  It makes me want to sit out on a lanai or something.  (Golden Girls reference, anyone?  Anyone?  Just me?)

Oh, and did I mention it has pockets?? :)

Have a beautiful day!
xox Sammi

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  1. Well, this is just darling from head to toe! I've always wanted a boater hat but haven't found one yet-this is the perfect one! Not to mention that orange dress is absolutely a dream. How perfect and sweet for summer! Also, you make me want to get bangs, your hair is just the cutest!
    And I totally got the Golden Girls reference!! I haven't seen that show in ages! :)

  2. What an adorable dress :D

    Ahh Golden Girls used to be my favorite show!

  3. Oh how beautiful!!! I used to have a black orange print dress too once, but the cut was no where as nice as this one, I would probably buy this one in a heartbeat if it was still available :P Love your boater hat and the beautiful lighting, such gorgeous summery photos!

  4. You have some real fabulous dresses, lady!
    I love the boater hat on top. Lookin lovely!


  5. That does look like a very Floridian dress :) It would be so fun to wear to a flea market in Florida! I love it with the boater hat too!

  6. Yay for pockets! Yay for oranges!! this dress is simply delightful!! how have you never worn it??? it's brilliant! Fruit dresses are the best! Loving this photos!! xx

  7. your dress is PERFECT!! I love how you've styled it!

    Drawing Dreaming

  8. Omg how cute is this print?! I'm in love. It's kinda vintage almost <3

    xo Ashley

  9. I loveee this dress. So darling. I really want it! Wish it was still available.


  10. So gorgeous, I love the citrus print-- I love that such a summery print is on a black background, so unexpectedly lovely. :)

  11. This dress is oh-so cute on you! And I'm a huge fan of Bait Footwear... you totally rock these shoes!

    Xo, Hannah

  12. I love that hat, it reminds me of the great gatsby!!

    xo, Delightful Sunflower

  13. Love the dress!!


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