Sunday, June 30, 2013

On the steps of the palace

Outfit Details:
Dress: My Lolita Dress
Earrings: Mom's
Sparkle jelly flats: jcpenney
White belt: eBay

So here's the thing with this dress.  I fell in love with the print on the fabric (I mean, castles and horse-drawn carriages?  Come on!).  However, I ordered this dress from a website that, in all honesty, I cannot personally recommend.  After ordering the dress and not hearing anything for at least a month (which sometimes is par for the course, if you order something from China), I investigated the website and discovered that it's an off-shoot of Milanoo.  I've heard some pretty horrible things about Milanoo (though I have also heard stories of good experiences), and I was very worried about the quality of the dress I'd ordered - or whether I'd even receive the dress at all. 

Eventually, I did receive the dress, but as you might be able to tell, the top of it is kind of strange; there aren't a lot of pictures that emphasize how odd it looks, but in person, it looks bumpy and weird.  I certainly learned a good lesson about being careful when ordering from online retailers, though.  The print may be darling, but the quality isn't great.  Has anyone else had experiences (good or bad) with ordering from Milanoo or one of their associated websites?  I'd be interested in hearing from you.

However, I do have to admit that I have never felt more like Cinderella in my life.

Have a wonderful Sunday!
xox Sammi


  1. Even before reading your description of this dress, I immediately thought, "Cinderella!" She was definitely my favorite Disney princess when I was little... I loved her sparkly light blue dress and glass slippers. :D And gosh, the print on this is ADORABLE! And so very Cinderella indeed.

    I'm sorry that your dress isn't as high quality as you thought it would be--it's always a bit dauting ordering from a new place, but at least you received the dress. Maybe you'll be able to sew a little something to fix it? I don't know exactly what you mean so I'm really no help. :P

  2. Such a cute outfit!


  3. Again, another amazing print! It's too bad the dress isn't the best quality, regardless, you look absolutely beautiful! Blue is a great colour on you! And those shoes are the perfect Cinderella touch!

  4. Cindarella all the way! You look exactly like a disney princess dear :) So adorable!
    The shoes are lovely too!

    Too bad the quality of the dress isn't as good.. But anyways, you look so cute!

    Love, Lory x

  5. You look like a doll! :) So beautiful :)
    <3 Mila | Mila de Illusoire

  6. Oh the print of that dress is simply beautiful! Too bad your experience with the company was so bad!

  7. I like that dress. Is so nice. Have a great day.

  8. You look so pretty, love the print of the dress!

  9. Great post! I'm your new follower! I hope you could follow me too and see you in my blog sometimes. Thanks! :) <3

  10. Stop being so darn adorable!!! you my dear are so so good at finding such hidden gems....despite the hassle of the waiting and them being a bit dodgey you look radiant as ever! and this print is TO DIE FOR!!! and that shoulder bows in particular are a cute feature!!! xxx

  11. I've never had experience with the site you mentioned, but I'm sorry to hear you had a poor one. I've only really heard bad things about ordering from China. You look adorable in this dress though - the print is fun and the color looks great on you.

  12. That dress is SO beautiful! I think I know the site you got it from because I was recently looking at a skirt version of this dress! Now I'm unsure which I want more - the dress or the skirt :P You look absolutely dreamy :)

    1. I've seen other versions of this dress (and skirt versions) with the lolita style carriages on the bottom. This one was the cheapest I could find, and obviously, you get what you pay for! But I have seen it on other sites as well. Hopefully you'll get it from a different site, heh. :)

  13. This dress is absolute perfection! I don't blame you for falling in love with that print! Honestly, when I first saw it, I thought it was Modcloth. I'm sorry it's not great quality, though. :/ I don't think the top looks bad at all from the pictures, but it would probably be easy enough to turn it into a skirt or something.(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  14. Sammi!

    I love that your title is a reference to Into the Woods. I have a feeling that we would be very good friends ;) I also love your dress...obviously.


  15. Wooow so Cinderella, right down to the glass slippers! You make me want to invest in a pair of clear jelly flats!


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