Sunday, June 23, 2013

High Tea

Outfit Details:
High Socie-tea Dress: ModCloth
Only a Pastry Pin (worn on belt): ModCloth
Teaset ring: Ever Ours (sold out, available here)
White belt: from another dress
White flats: ASOS

I'm pretty obsessed with this print, for obvious reasons.  I have so many tea-related things!  I do drink quite a lot of tea, and I also think that I have a very romanticized notion of a proper British tea.  We don't have that as a regular part of our culture in America, so the whenever I've gone to a teahouse, it's always very special.  And whenever I watch Downton Abbey, an Agatha Christie program[me] or a Jane Austen adaptation, I feel the need for clotted cream, a scone and a cup of Earl Grey. 

I do think this dress is just a *tad* long, upon seeing these pictures.  It doesn't look too long when I look at it in the mirror, but it's basically a true tea-length (how appropriate), and while that gives it a more vintage feel, I wish it had enough fabric to be able to wear a petticoat with it.  Otherwise, it kind of just looks like it needs to be taken up a bit.  Something to consider for the future, maybe.

I love this brooch but never seem to wear it.  I think it looks best on a cardigan with a dress, and I couldn't find a cardigan that looked good with this one (and I didn't want to cover up the print).  This dress needed a belt, so I thought the brooch would be the perfect touch on that instead.

Have a lovely Sunday!
xox Sammi


  1. What a sweet dress, I love me a cuppa with a chocolate digestive or two ;)

  2. Gorgeous dress! Adore the detail and the belt is perfect! :) xx

  3. Loving this dress to the moon and back!!! I love how you watch Downton Abbey too!! Tea in proper cup and saucers are the way forward!! (I only drink green and chinese tea and hot choc) Not a tea drinker really but love the whole look of a china. Teaming that brooch on your belt is complete genius!
    I think the length looks perfect, fun, and classy and the print is just to die for!! loving the photo too of that pink rose!! lovely photos as always hun xxxxxx

  4. Sammi, we would be such good tea buddies! I can see us drinking tea in a nice, shady grove outside and taking pictures of ourselves dressed like cute little forest fairies or something. That would be so dreamy!

    I, too, am a fellow tea-lover. However, I don't have a tea-rrific (quoting you, ehehe!) dress like this, so I suppose it doesn't show quite as much as your love for it does. ;) Your little accessories are just darling, too!

    My mom loves Downtown Abbey. I watched the first two episodes of it and liked it, as well, and maybe I need to hop on that train against and watch it.

  5. Love your dress and hair! I see you are a fellow Modcloth lover.
    The cultural center in my hometown puts on a ladies' high tea each week, complete with scones and the works!


  6. So fancy! That is a really great tea print, and I love your little tea pot belt!


  7. That's such a beautiful print on your dress! Love it! I collect antique tea cups and it would be so fun to wear this dress while spending the day searching through some antique stores.

  8. This dress is super pretty and it does seem to be made for you! I love the print -- I've never seen one like that before. I personally would like it shorter, but I think the length looks really good on you and really dresses up the look. Anyways, you look lovely and now I want some tea.

  9. I cant believe you have such an adorable little tea pot belt to match your amazing tea cup dress, definitely a perfect match! You look so cute, hope you had a great weekend!
    xo Hannah

  10. I love the print on your dress! And that little teapot belt is too cute!

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  11. I was admiring that charming print, and I was thinking, there is NO WAY this outfit could get cuter. And then, the brooch. You sure know how to make adorable themed outfits.

    May the Force be with you.

  12. You know, one of my least favorite things about myself is that I don't like tea. I really want to like it, but I just don't! But every time I see a tea-centric outfit of yours, or any time I watch Downton, I really, really wish I liked it.

    But back to the important stuff, the print on this dress is amazing. And can we please talk about how adorable your themed accessories are? Seriously.

  13. This is positively the darlingest pattern I've ever seen! I love the teapot details throughout the entire outfit! Too cute!!

    xo Sarah

  14. i love those photos! your dress is so wonderful & you look so lovely & romantic!

  15. aww your dress is so pretty, such a lovely print! I love how you're matchy-matchy like me, the little details of your jewelry just make the difference!

    Drawing Dreaming

  16. I'm going to a little girls tea party themed birthday party this weekend, SO wish I had this dress right now!


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