Sunday, May 19, 2013

"The daisy's for simplicity and unaffected air"

Outfit Details:
Daisy dress: Trollied Dolly (available at ASOS)
Daisy picnic basket: Cheeky Vintage Closet
Yellow bow: American Apparel
White flats: Yeswalker
Daisy ring: Mom's

You only realize how many daisy-themed items are in your closet when you have to scour the internet for different quotes relating to daisies....... I think this is interesting because my mom was *this* close to naming me Daisy!  I don't think I'm really a Daisy... though maybe if it had been my name, I'd be a totally different person.  Weird to think about, huh?

This-coming week (or at least some of it) is going to be flower-themed, which was totally unintentional at first.  But now I'm going to embrace it, because I do love a good theme.  Tomorrow's post is going to be centered around my absolute favorite flower in the world (hint: it's also Rochester's [unofficial?] flower... we have a whole festival centered around it!), with one of my absolute favorite dresses to match!  I am such a matchy-matchy girl (one of the numerous reasons I know I was born in the wrong decade), so it's fitting.

Have a great Sunday!
xox Sammi


  1. I could see you as a Daisy, but maybe because you're just so cute and wear lots of pretty dresses, which totally constitutes a Daisy to me lol lol.

    But man, this dress is so cute! I love the flower pattern, and the red background is so bold. :) You're too precious!

  2. What an adorable dress! It looks so good on you. It looks like a beautiful day!


  3. You look really pretty!
    Love the dress <3

  4. Your dress is adorable. And I envy you having a closet full of daisy clothes. They are just so cheery and summery. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  5. This outfit is darling! You look fresh as a daisy;)

  6. Wonderful daisy outfit! The dress and the basket bag are superb! (my latest post I am wearing a daisy hat that I am sure you will love!)


  7. You're beautiful, my dear. I love that little picnic basket!

    Love, Amy
    A. Loo's Closet

  8. I absolutely adore your outfit! Especially your dress and cute bag! Also, love your hair!
    Yinyin xx

  9. SO cute!!! The daisy pattern on this dress is so beautiful and I really like the cross over neckline! Your little woven daisy basket is THE perfect accessory for this sweet summery outfit, absolutely delightful :D

  10. another beautiful dress and post! <3 x

  11. Gorgeous dress and bag! Love your blog! Following you now :)

  12. That dress is just precious. You look beautiful!

  13. such a pretty dress, and your handbag is adorable! and your hair looks gorgeous, i love the soft curls, unfortunately my hair never holds them for long enough to bother doing them. :(

    little henry lee

  14. This dress is gorgeous, love the front collar part. And daisies are my favorite!


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