Monday, April 15, 2013

It's a Mad, Mad (Men) World

Saturday night was the 5th annual TheatreROCS showcase!  TheatreROCS is an alliance of more than two dozen theatre companies in the greater Rochester area (and it doesn't even represent all of the companies in the area, which shows how strong a presence that the theatre arts has in our community), and they have an event every year that promotes the theatre groups within the organization and presents highlights from their current season.  This year, the event was Mad Men themed, and since I love a good costume party (thank you, Wagner College), I went all out!

Outfit Details:
Dress: Vintage (Sears) from Sam and Milly Vintage
Pearl necklace: Claire's
White belt: eBay
White heels: jcpenney

I need to take a moment and gush about Sam and Milly Vintage.  Sandra is the gal behind the shop, and she is such a sweet person.  The shipping was very fast, and the measurements of the dress were absolutely spot-on.  She even went so far as to check in with me to see how the dress was working out, and inquired about seeing pictures to post on their Facebook page.  Sandra lists new items every week in the shop, so it's likely something will catch your eye!  I couldn't be more thrilled with my experience or this beautiful, vintage dress!  

This year's showcase was hosted by the magnificent Mrs. Kasha Davis, who is a fantastic performer and one of the best-loved drag queens in Rochester.  She is once again in the running to be on RuPaul's Drag Race next season, so you should vote for her (ends 4/17) to be on the show!!!!!

I just love the pattern and colors of this dress - so perfect for spring!

My mom actually did my hair (and hers!) for this event, so I can't personally do a tutorial on it... but she did watch a really good video tutorial that helped her a lot (the music's annoying but the tips are great)!  My hair didn't look exactly like the video, obviously, but for my mom's first time doing it, I think she did a really awesome job.

My mama and me!  I picked out (and made her purchase) this dress from jcpenney!  It's so cute and flattering on her, and it was perfect for the showcase, too!  We look completely unrelated here, which is funny because we are so often told how much we look alike (though neither of us sees it).

It was a fun, theatre-filled evening.  I even had a drink afterwards (a rare event for me)!  My new drink of choice is the amaretto sour at Cheshire, which is a fun little bar that specializes in classic cocktails.

Have a maaahhhhvelous Monday!

xox Sammi 


  1. Look how cute you are! I am so glad you bought that dress from my store! It's like it was made for YOU!

    Best - Sandra W @ Sam & Milly Vintage

  2. Such a beautiful dress

  3. I love this look!!! that vintage dress is such a find! and I love how your mummy got involved!!

    fabulous as always

    Rebecca x

  4. you and your mom both look so pretty :) I love your mom's dress!

  5. Hooray for Mad Men! I love this look, the dress is just perfect :)

  6. SO CUTE.

    i love that this style is back.

  7. That vintage dress is just soooo pretty on you!

  8. love all these colors! just discovered your cute blog and am a new follower!


  9. hi sweetie!
    I have a super giveaway on my blog, pass by!

  10. I can never get enough Mad Men! And oh my - that dress is utterly perfect! You look like you could have stepped off of Mad Men Sammi :-)

  11. Such a pretty dress! You and your mom are so precious :)


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