Sunday, April 21, 2013

Good weather for ducks

The weather was so lovely for a couple of days here... and then it rained a lot on Friday (and yesterday, it actually SNOWED!).  It was dry in the morning when I put this outfit on (hence, no rain boots), but there were torrential downpours by the end of the day.  Still, I think this outfit is pretty appropriate, since rainy weather is said to be good weather for ducks -- which make an appearance on my skirt!

Outfit Details:
River Island Duck Skater Skirt: ASOS (out of stock)
UPDATE: skirt still sold out, but here is a similar (and just as cute!) skirt by River Island with cats on it!!!  
Brown camisole & blue cropped cardigan: Target (old)
Kissing kids necklace: ASOS
Gold flats: Calvin Klein via Marshalls

I simply love this print!

I love this little necklace!  It's so cute!  I also enjoy that it's a statement piece but that you could wear it with practically anything and it wouldn't overwhelm your outfit in the slightest.
I'm very glad I didn't opt to do much to my hair the day these were taken... since it would've been ruined in all the rain!
This may be about as close as Pumpkin ever gets to a duck.  Which I'm sure she's sad about.

I was involved in a staged reading yesterday (which was a lot of fun and went really well, considering we had only one rehearsal!).  The play is really excellent (it's called Time Stands Still, and the playwright is Donald Margulies, if you're interested), and it's incredibly relevant to what's happening today in the world -- and also to the events that happened in Boston this week, as well.  I was simply too exhausted to take new outfit photos yesterday, so I will take some more today on my day off(!).  I hope the weather warms up again so I can take more photos outside; my increasingly-messy room is no longer ideal! :)

Have a happy, restful Sunday!

xox Sammi



  1. super cute!

    Wanna join my new Oasap giveaway?

  2. love that necklace!! what a cute design.

    -Emma from

  3. This is really really cute! I love it :)


  4. OMG snow, I would rip my hair out! But that skirt is a sure pick me up!

    Ali of

  5. That skirt is darling and you my dear are gorgeous!!
    Thanks for your sweet comment :)

  6. Oh gosh, that necklace is to die for. I want.

    thank you for visiting blog! I look forward to your adorable-awesome outfits. :*


  7. That blue is a great color on you! Love that duck skirt too - so cute! x, Kat

    Love and Ace

  8. That skirt is so cute! And I always love when your cat's in the pictures!

  9. Oh this is darling! What a fantastic skirt-I adore the print of it. My, but that blue is a stunning shade on you! The play sounds great! I'm doing some theatre myself right now and I am also quite excited about it :)

  10. absolutely adorable outfit!

    XO Sahra

  11. Alright, the print on that skirt is the best. I want something with ducks on it! This is inspiring a DIY session I think...


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