Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A camera, a blog layout and my first outfit post!

I'm back up in Rochester, and I've managed to cross a couple of things off my list!  Firstly, my lovely boyfriend Steven has allowed me to borrow his nice camera (along with his dad's tripod) for me to start taking photos.  Obviously, I need to learn how to use it, since I'm used to my regular Canon digital camera... but I'm excited to learn that, and more importantly, I'm excited that I'll now be able to take outfit photos (aka my main motivation for wanting to start a blog in the first place)!

I had been making do with a free blog template layout, but I just made a very small investment in a new one designed by a favorite blogger of mine, Kate Gabrielle of scathingly brilliant.  I love anything with scalloped edges and mint green, and the pink goes perfectly with my first (albeit small) outfit post.

I was able to visit Steven for a few days for Valentine's Day, which was very nice, especially since we weren't able to spend it together last year.  The only downside (other than finding fraudulent activity on my bank account -- caught just in time, thank goodness) was that I came down with a horrible head cold almost as soon as I arrived!  Lucky for me, Steven is a wonderful caretaker!  :)  One of the only times I ventured out of the house was to go out for our Valentine's Day dinner.  We went to a restaurant called Half Moon, which is owned by the same company as some of our other favorite restaurants in Montauk and in the Westchester area.  Now we have eaten at all of their restaurants!  I didn't take any pictures while there, but Steven snapped a few of my dress before we left, and I did take one with my iPhone of our menu for the evening.

I have since realized this pose needs work.

I have never felt more like Carrie Bradshaw in my whole life.

Outfit details
Dress: ASOS
Cardigan: ModCloth
Shoes: TJ Maxx
Necklace: Swarovski (Valentine's gift from Steven, 2 years ago)

Everything was delicious.  I had the arugula salad and surf & turf.  The dessert was to die for!

I'm happy to have the day off tomorrow, though I've had a lot of days off lately.  I'm going to work on figuring out this camera, and finish my other blog post draft, among other things.  I also have a couple of unexpected acting projects on the horizon, so I'm feeling like I hit a reset button and am shaking off the frustration I was feeling about my current situation.  I have to let myself feel the way I do, even if it's super negative and depressed, until it runs its course.  I'm relieved to be get back to being the positive, motivated person I enjoy being!

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