Wednesday, February 15, 2017


trashy diva lovebirds gia

Considering that Valentine's Day was yesterday, I thought it was high time I shared the dress I bought from Trashy Diva's Lovebirds collection. This was the heritage print that TD brought back into circulation after its initial release. While I wasn't sold on it initially (I was rooting for a couple of other older prints instead), I changed my mind once it came out. It's such a sweet print but because it's black, it's still very versatile.

trashy diva lovebirds
bird print dress trashy diva
trashy diva dress

I chose the "Gia" style for this collection, which is pretty much the same as the dress I have in the Venice Nights collection. Along with a slight difference in sleeves, the Lovebirds Gia runs a bit tighter and it actually seems a bit shorter in comparison. I believe the waist may be slightly higher, as well, but I personally didn't have an issue with the shorter torso. While it doesn't have as much give as VN, I ordered my Trashy Diva normal size and found that it was perfect. I actually have a couple of cardigans that will be perfect with this print, but since I wanted to show off the sleeves, I braved the chill for these photos.

lovebirds dress
trashy diva lovebirds
trashy diva
Outfit Details
Gia Dress in Lovebirds: Trashy Diva
Opal necklace: similar

I hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day, sweet things!


  1. I've actually being eyeing of this print by Trashy Diva for a while now, love it! Such a gorgeous dress on you too! xo

  2. So pretty, I love that print and cut on you!! x

  3. Love <3 The print and pretty puff sleeves are so perfect on you. I choose the same cut in this print too <3 Such a darling dress!


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