Wednesday, October 12, 2016


unique vintage haunted mansion skirt

Well, I completely bypassed early fall and went straight to the Halloween Countdown, didn't I? But with a skirt this fun, I couldn't help skipping over to All Hallow's Eve! I've been loving these printed skirts by Unique Vintage (I've worn the watermelon and cupcake versions here on the blog before), and when I saw this spooky haunted house skirt in their "coming soon" section, my Halloween-loving heart skipped a beat. Even though the skirt is 100% cotton, it feels substantial enough for fall weather -- which is fortunate, because things just got bone-chilling around here.

unique vintage halloween skirt
haunted mansion skirt
pinup halloween

For these photos, I decided to head to the historic Mt. Hope Cemetery here in Rochester. This is actually where we took photos for another Halloween post (and one of my favorite posts in general) from last year, featuring my friends Henry and Rusty (and the same hat, lol). But it's such a large cemetery that I didn't really use any of the same locations. To be honest, I've always felt sort of iffy about taking photos in a graveyard. I don't want people to think I'm being disrespectful by taking taking photos of myself there. But at the same time, Mt. Hope is a historic landmark where people are invited to come explore (they were holding a tour the same day I took these photos), and I wasn't trampling over anyone's grave. It's all done in complete reverence. It's a thin line, but I think intention makes a big difference. I'm not trying to show off or seem sexy or anything... I just love this spot in our city (and it admittedly does make the perfect backdrop for the skirt).

unique vintage skirt
bettie bangs
haunted house skirt
Outfit Details
Haunted Mansion Swing Skirt: c/o Unique Vintage
Top: c/o Unique Vintage
Hat: vintage (similar)
Bolero: similar
Shoes: similar

mt. hope cemetery
Have a spooktacular day!


  1. This is a fabulous look. The colouring and building in the skirt remind me of The Get Along Gang haunted mansion play-set my little sister had as a child. We spent hours playing with that!

  2. I think you did graveyard photos right - you picked some gorgeous spots that are clearly not disturbing anyone or anything. Plus, you look adorable (and I think just enough sexy hehe) and I love that little hat!

  3. Love the skirt.


  4. Fantastic outfit! You look wonderful in this look!

  5. You look fabulous and the skirt is absolutely gorgeous! I also feel a bit uncomfortable taking photos at a graveyard, but as long as you're not walking on people's graves I think it should be alright.

  6. This outfit is just darling and oh so spooky! I love it!

    Like you I have felt iffy on taking photos of myself in a cemetery, which is why I haven't really, with the exception of a few celebrity grave sites.



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