Friday, August 12, 2016


unique vintage cupcake skirt

Goodness, I'm glad it's Friday. Normally, I kick off the weekend with a Friday Favorites post, but I just couldn't wait to show off this adorable cupcake skirt from Unique Vintage! You all know that I love a healthy dose of kitsch (and I have a wicked sweet tooth!), and I thought this skirt would look perfect against the backdrop of my little pastel kitchen. I'll be giving you a full tour at some point soon, but since I still have quite a bit of decorating to do, hopefully you'll make do with this little sneak peek.

cupcake skirt
cupcake skirt vintage
kawaii cupcake skirt

I was honestly a little afraid this skirt would be a bit too over the top for me (which is saying a lot!), but I ended up liking it a lot in person. It'll definitely make for a great birthday outfit – but I'll be getting quite a bit of use out of it until October rolls around. I've found these skirts to fit true to size, and they have a nice weight to them; I might not wear them with a full crinoline (they're actually a gathered A-line, not a true circle skirt), but I think that makes them a bit more wearable. This skirt is the same style as the watermelon skirt I wore here on the blog earlier this summer. Unique Vintage keeps coming out with new seasonal designs for them, and I look forward to seeing every one. This carousel version is adorable, and I'm freaking out over this Haunted-Mansion-inspired design – a definite must-have for Halloween!

birthday skirt
Outfit Details
Pink Cupcake Swing Skirt: c/o Unique Vintage
Top: c/o Unique Vintage

anthropologie modcloth housewares

Have a great weekend!


  1. Stupendously cute skirt (and teapot). If ever there was a perfect skirt to wear for a birthday, I can't help but this that this cheerful cupcake number is it.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  2. Ahh this skirt is so cute!! And I loved seeing a bit of your new place!

  3. Oh! I love your kitchen! I love the little bits we get to see and it is my cup of tea!! So lovely. Also you look so darling and cute in that skirt.
    Hope you'll have a grand weekend!
    Much love,

  4. Such a cute skirt, love the cupcake print, also love how your kettle matches that skirt perfectly! :)

  5. This skirt is awesome!! I'm kind of in love with how perfectly your shoes match it. Adorable!

    Jamie |

  6. That skirt is very beautiful, I actually wanted to get one too, because come on... CUPCAKES! But then I thought that if it's not even a full circle skirt, how am I supposed to wear it. Most skirts climb up my legs when I'm wearing stockings and petticoats are a good way to avoid that (besides the poofier it is, the more I love it!). Either way I might just give in to that print, since it's absolutely perfect.

  7. Omg that skirt is so cute and it looks great with a simple white top, now I want this skirt for summer!! I love your teapot and tea towels too!

  8. So adorably cute on you and I love the idea of this skirt as part of a birthday outfit! Love <3

  9. This skirt is so perfectly you!! And look at those items in your kitchen too!! So adorable!



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