Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Cherry Tart

Bernie Dexter Cherries Jubilee Dress

Okay, so this outfit isn't very fall-like. In fact, it's pure summertime. But even though I've fully embraced autumn, I took advantage of some warm weather we had a few weeks ago and decided to break out this former unicorn to showcase here on the blog. I missed out this Bernie Dexter beauty back when ModCloth carried it, and I'd regretted it for years. Nothing haunts us like the things we don't buy, amirite? Luckily, it popped up on eBay – a size smaller than I normally wear – for a good price when I was visiting Ashley in California last summer, and I pounced.

ModCloth I'm All Cheers Dress Cherries Jubilee
Erstwilder pie brooch
bernie dexter cherry dress
cherry dress
yellow cherry dress

This cherry-adorned number is definitely is a tad smaller than my other Bernies (I wish it was roomier in the bust!), but I actually compared it to a size large someone was selling and this medium inexplicably has basically the same measurements. Although it zips, I think I'll need to be a little more resolute with my Weight Watchers in order to feel more comfortable in it. It's not like I think I need to shed the pounds in order to look good in clothes, but I do need to be a bit more diligent about eating well so that I feel better and fit more comfortably in the clothes I already have and love. It's always a struggle with me – sometimes I have a lot of will-power and other times I have absolutely none – but getting back into it is probably the hardest part. I haven't been as active since I moved into my own place and started working full-time. I thought I might want a gym membership (I still may consider asking for one for Christmas), but I think I might enjoy some workouts I can do at home. If you have any recommendations (especially ones that involve video or are good for people who just don't like working out), I'd love to hear them! I do love getting out into nature, but since winter is on its way, I'd love to find a way to get some decent exercise without going out into the cold!

bernie dexter cherries dress
boater hat
bernie dexter dress
Outfit Details
Bernie Dexter dress: eBay (similar)
Be My Cherry Pie brooch: c/o Erstwilder
Vintage boater hat: similar
Shoes: B.A.I.T. Footwear

boater hat ribbon
Have a great day!


  1. Great score! That had was made to be worn with this dress! My company luckily has gyms in its buildings so I don't have to worry about memberships (or going very far!) but asking for one for Christmas isn't a bad idea! I hate working out - I mean I HATE IT - but I try to go once a week and do something. I look at it as an hour of reading time as I bring my Kindle and read as I work the elliptical!

  2. Gorgeous dress on you Sammi! Glad you were able to find this dress you regretted not buying. I love when that happens and they pop up later. I totally feel you about needing to have more will power and to eat better. I have a few things in my closet I would like to fit just a little better too. Candy season (Halloween) and then pie season (Thanksgiving) and then chocolate season (Christmas) is coming up so I will especially have to try harder in the future.

  3. Such a pretty dress and I love yellow on you!! Perfectly styled and the Erstwilder brooch is such a great match x

  4. So wonderfully charming! I just love it when cherry prints go beyond the standard fruit on a black or white background kind of thing, as this beautiful one does. Yellow + red is magnificent here!

    Many hugs,
    ♥ Jessica


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