Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Skyliner Diner

bernie dexter sundae dress

This Bernie Dexter dress never fails to make me smile!  I've worn it on my blog before (see here and here), but this might be one of my favorite ways I've styled it.  When I received this awesome jukebox brooch from Erstwilder, I knew it'd be a perfect fit with this diner-worthy outfit.  Though I've admired Erswilder's brooches for a long time, this jukebox was my first.  Now I'm hooked on these quirky, high-quality resin brooches and I've started my own small collection!

bernie dexter dress
erstwilder jess jivin' jukebox brooch
strong museum bill gray's skyliner diner

Since there's still lots of snow on the ground, I thought it would be fun to visit a diner that's housed entirely indoors!  The Strong National Museum of Play is a wonderful museum (if you ever visit Rochester, you should definitely plan to stop there), and the Skyliner Diner is housed in its food court.  I remember eating there years ago, and thought it'd be a fitting location for these photos.  It has since been taken over by a local restaurant chain, so some of its retro charm has been replaced by cheaper, modern alternatives, but it was still a fun place to visit (and enjoy a root beer float).  I brought along my friend Henry to take some cute shots together.  Henry is one of my favorite people, and it's so nice to have a friend who is willing to take silly outfit photos with me.  Oh, and for those of you who asked last time: he does in fact set his hair at night to get those beautiful waves!  He says he may put up a YouTube tutorial for it at some point.  :) 

vintate couple diner
erstwilder american diner
ice cream dress
vintage guy
milkshake diner couple
sundae print
Outfit Details
Jess Jivin' Jukebox Brooch: Erstwilder
Cardigan: Trashy Diva
Saddle shoes: Payless

vintage retro couple
Hope your day is swell!
xox Sammi


  1. Could this setting be any more perfect for this outfit? This is amazing! You look phenomenal and I am starting to love seeing Henry join you. He is super adorably retro! Love these!!

  2. Fantastic photos! So lovely of Henry to join you again - the man has style, for sure. I had my eye on that Erstwilder brooch but don't think I've been quick enough this time. It's amazing!

  3. What an awesome stylish shoot of both of you, you should do these more often!!

  4. Gorgeous photos! I love Henry's style too, fits so perfectly with yours :) I think I really need to get myself a pair of saddle shoes sometime soon, they look just perfect with your dresses.
    Sian xx Rebel Angel

  5. He is adorable!!!! And you look so pretty! It is a joy to read your blog posts!x

  6. What beautiful photos! We love being part of this wonderful day out - even if it was only by being pinned to your cardigan :) The two of you look just grand. xXx

  7. Lllove the sparkly brooch!
    your couple photos are always the funniest thing ever <3 <3

  8. You two are too cute doing that fifties-ish poses. I love this dress.

  9. Okay, you two are too cute for your own good! This is a darling outfit and oh so befitting!


  10. You look so beautiful, and that outfit is perfect! xx

  11. Henry should write a blog, he has a great sense of style. I love your saddle shoes too, they are so sweet. The photo of you two with the drink is lovely, I wish I had someone else to take pictures with, it seems like a lot more fun!

  12. I love the retro diner vibe of your outfit! And what a perfect place to take your photos :)

  13. You two are perfect! Love the photo's, and the place, and the whole atmosphere!
    x Angela //

  14. What a cute photo shoot! I'm in the market for some good saddle shoes...
    -xo- Becca

  15. Holy crap cute! This diner is the perfect location for both of your outfits. So retro and adorable. I just love your dress and those perfect saddle shoes!

    Jamie |

  16. What a cute couple you are! I wish my bf would dare to wear something a bit different :D

  17. Aww, what a charmingly darling series of photos and diner - they really don't come more iconically perfect than the Skyliner.

    ♥ Jessica

  18. Too freaking cute! I love both of your ensembles, and the way you've photographed everything is lovely. Also, I really must go look up the cardigan you're wearing, it's exactly the thing I've been unsuccessfully looking for for months!


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