Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thought I was a donut

donut dress

There is definitely a donut obsession happening in our culture these days, and I am in no way immune.  I think the cupcake craze gave way to rounder, flatter cakes at some point, and even though the shape, frying and lack of frosting makes up for most of the difference, I'd definitely rather treat myself with a donut than a cupcake.  I guess this trend is true in my clothing, too; I have pieces with cupcakes on them, but I love the ones with donuts even more.

donut sweater
target donut sweater
doughnut clutch

This pink donut "skirt" is actually a dress by Nishe, and although you can't really tell in these photos, the material is boiled wool, which makes it super warm and cozy.  I decided to try layering this fun sweater from Target over the top and tucking it into a belt.  It doesn't totally work, because the sweater is just a little too long and the belt isn't thick enough, but I liked the look of it in the photos.  Amazingly, I don't own any donut jewelry(!?), but I had to incorporate my New Look donut clutch!

asos donut dress
donut purse
donut skirt
Outfit Details
Donut dress (worn as a skirt): ASOS (on sale!)
Donut clutch: available at ASOS
Donut sweater: Target (on sale!)
Flats: ModCloth (similar)
Belt: ASOS

donut outfit

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Have a great day!
xox Sammi


  1. Ooooh how delicious! Just the look of pink frosted doughnuts makes me smile. Homer Simpson-approved outfit! ;)

  2. Ummmm AMAZING! I love donuts. This is incredible. I think I will go over to Target now and buy me that sweater as well. ;)

    In a Nutshell...

  3. oh my goodness!!! Donuts tip-to-toe!!! :) It's so you, sweet thing!

  4. This is such a massively adorable outfit! Oh my word!!! I love cuppies and doughnuts, but it's a lot harder to find a GF, EF version of the latter, unless I make them myself, so I've had more cupcakes in recent years.

    You are, bar none, the queen of awesome food themed clothing, in my books, dear Sammi - lol, and yes, I will be craving doughnuts all day. :D

    ♥ Jessica

  5. The funniest part of your post was the bit where you said you don't own any donut jewelry. That kind of blew my mind - of all the people in the world, you're one of the ones that I would most expect to have a drawer full of donut jewelry!
    This is so cute and fun. I love the pink and gray together, and obviously all the donut themed items are adorable. I'm also a bigger fan of donuts than cupcakes (old fashioned for life!), so it's good to see other people spreading the good word. ;)

  6. you look so lovely, I really love this outfit pink with donuts yummy! :3

  7. Doughnuts!!! Best theme ever. Bwahahaha.

    <3 Kelsea | Kels Shark

  8. Fun fact: donuts were invented because some genius baker realized that if they cut a hole in the middle of a fried pastry, the pastry would have more surface area, thereby increasing the amount of crispy delicious exterior! So, basically... donuts are awesome :D

    I LOVE the color palate here. So much bubblegum pink! I don't normally go for food themed clothing but I think I've just been converted.

    Your thematic outfits are always great. So adorable! I wish I had your closet. I think I'm gonna go buy donuts now.

    <3 Rosie

  9. I saw this outfit on IG the other day and immediately fell into swoon mode! I think I'm pretty much obsessed with donuts and anything else covered in sugar, ha! Anyhow - such a gorgeous pairing with the skirt. I'm almost fairly certain this sweater is one of the gifts my mom got me for Christmas...and if I'm right, I am even more excited now after seeing it on you :-)

  10. You know, I see your outfits and think the people who see you everyday must always be in for a treat because your looks never fail to make me smile. True to form, this outfit has brightened my day! So fun!

  11. Ahh! How does that donut dress fit? It's on sale and I want to grab it--in Nishe I'm usually a UK8 but the ASOS sizing is different :/

    1. Hi Katie! So sorry for the late reply. This particular dress runs bigger than every other Nishe dress I have. I'm almost always a UK 12, and this dress is that size but feels like it could be a UK 14. I would say to normal your regular UK size or size down 1!

  12. Oh. My. Goodness! I'm dying! This is too perfect!!! I'm obsessed. I just wish so badly that I could raid your closet! Like everything else, this is too perfect!
    <3 Mariah
    Rya Pie


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