Saturday, December 6, 2014

Modern day mermaid

seashell we dance dress modcloth

I had sort of accepted that I was unlucky when it came to giveaways, so I was ridiculously excited when I ended up winning a giveaway from I Love Crafty a few months ago.  I love all of Laura's creations (her donut line is to die for!), but I've always been very partial to her mermaid line -- and I ended up winning a wonderful set of sea-siren-inspired pieces!  I decided to remix my Nishe seashell dress (see another way I wore it here) for the cooler weather and utilize my ASOS seashell purses and Pinup Girl Clothing jelly wedges (because if mermaids had feet, they'd probably wear jelly shoes, amirite?).  

nishe dress
i love crafty mermaid
shell purse

I also happened to luck out with the weather when I took these photos.  It's been cold this week (though not much snow in sight!), but it was nice to not have to wear heavy tights with this dress -- or make my way through the snow!  I dislike most of my shoe options for winter, as most of my practical boots don't look right with dresses.  I haven't had to worry too much about that as of yet, but we have 3+ more months of wintery weather to look forward to here.  I'm happy with having snow from the week before Christmas through New Year's Day... but in upstate New York, winter can last 'til April!  I guess I'll have to enjoy the lack of snow while I still can.

i'm really a mermaid jewelry
jelly shoes
nishe dress modcloth
embroidered dress
Outfit Details
Seashell We Dance? Dress: ModCloth (similar)
Mermaid necklace & ring: c/o I Love Crafty
Cardigan: Storevny (available here)
Jelly wedges: Pinup Girl Clothing
Shell purse: ASOS (similar)

bettie bangs
Have a great Saturday!
xox Sammi


  1. Ha! This outfit is so delightful- gorgeous and just a touch tongue-in-cheek!

  2. I agree with you, Sammi, winter shoe options SUCK with dresses. I've been wearing the heck out of my two pairs of ankle booties but once the snow comes full force, how am I gonna pair my snow boots with my dresses? I am afraid I become more of a pants person when winter hits. I hate wearing tights/leggings/stockings with my dresses/skirts. it makes it so difficult! ugh!

    Sara Lily
    In a Nutshell...

  3. Oh so pretty!! Absolutely adorable. x

  4. Love this entire outfit especially that "I'm really a mermaid" necklace!

    -Marie x

  5. I'm obsessed with mermaids so this just made my day! Absolutely love how you styled this.

  6. You look absolutely fantastic! Love the mermaid theme, and your absolutely fabulous shoes!
    x Angela /

  7. Your shoes! I love them, they are so pretty.


  8. Everything about your outfit is just perfect! I can't even pick out a fave because I'd just list everything. AHH!!

    <3 Kelsea | Kels Shark

  9. I LOVE that necklace! Your entire outfit is adorable, as usual :D

  10. Super fun details. Perfect. And yay! Belated congrats on winning the giveaway! HOW EXCITING!!!


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