Monday, August 12, 2013

Sea siren

Outfit Details:
Seashell We Dance? Dress: ModCloth (now 50% off!)
Mermaid head wreath: Sparkle & Posy
Starfish ring: What Dress Code
Bracelet: American Eagle (old)
Turquoise jewel sandals: LuLu*s (old)
Rope and seashell belt: made by me

Steven and I went to the Sterling Renaissance Festival this weekend, and we had a great time!  Each weekend has a theme (i.e., Romance Weekend, Pirate Weekend), and since this weekend was Fantasy Weekend, I decided to forgo my traditional garb in favor of something a little different... It was either a fairy or a mermaid, and I decided to go with the latter.  There were quite a few other fairies there, but I didn't see another mermaid around all day.  :)

Magic wands made out of blown glass

Enjoying the faire's version of street meat
This performer always has this huge butterfly puppet strapped to his back -- the wings even move!  The photo doesn't really show how cool this is.
This little duck always sits outside in this same spot, never leaving it.  I'm not sure what the significance behind this is (if any), but he was so sleepy and cute.
And this is my friend April...

... getting dunked.  

She is playing the role of a thief at the Festival this year.  I don't have the kind of personality or mind that I can be really successful at improv, and a lot of what April has to do (be witty on the fly, interact with strangers) are things that freak me out, frankly.  But she handles all of it splendidly.  I was afraid I wouldn't find her to say hi, but I was lucky enough to happen upon her while walking.  She had to stay in character the entire time we spoke, and she didn't break once.  She also has to say "thither" a lot.  :)  I don't regularly see people I went to college with (most of them are still based in the NYC area), and even though we didn't really get to catch up too much, it made my heart so happy to see her!

My heart was also happy to see wine slushes at the faire.  I don't even like wine, but these are my favorite!  I could have had like, three more of these.  Yummmmm.
I also tried hair chalk for the first time!

After the faire, we ended up going to a nearby beach -- since, after all, what is a mermaid without beach photos?  We truly lucked out with the weather, as it was an absolutely gorgeous day, and there were lots of people at the beach.  I hadn't been there since I was very young, and I didn't really remember having been there.  I forgot my tripod at home, so I roped (ha) Steven into taking some photos for me.

After this, we headed home to eat fast food (FYI: for all you meat-eaters out there... the chicken waffle tenders from Popeye's are a thing of beauty), watched Project Runway on DVR, and went to bed before 11 PM.  All in all, 'twas a glorious day in the shire.

Have a great Monday!
xox Sammi  


  1. You always have the perfect accessories for your outfits! I love the headband and ring, and of course that dress is so pretty. I've had my eye on it for a while, now. I love mermaid attire and I love renaissance faires! Glad you had fun. :)

  2. This dress is seriously gorgeous, what a fun print!! And your headband is gorgeous, love it with this look, and the teal hair chalk is making me want to dye my hair that colour. Looks like a fun time!!

  3. Oh man, that fair looks like so much fun. And you are too cute!

  4. You make one stunning mermaid!! I love all the details like your fun seashell rope belt, the starfish ring and the teal in your hair :) Those photos at the beach are gorgeous! Sounds like one fun day!

  5. OH SAMMI!!! this is simply stunning!! what a fabulous outfit! you styled this perfectly without it looking really unwearable! this is soooo pretty and I love how you did you hair too. The dress, the jewellery the photos I am in complete awe of this post!! has to my favourite to date! (is that even possible? all your posts are lovely) and by the sea!! what a beautiful sea siren you make xxxxxx

  6. The perfect beach dress! Sooo adorable!
    H&K, Olivia

  7. What a gorgeous mermaid! Love the dress on you and how you styled it. Your makeup is very cute and Ariel would be jealous. Love, xxx

  8. Sammi, you are too pretty! This sounds like such a fun day! I love your mermaid garb, that dress is adorable and perfect for the occasion. :)

  9. Very fitting to have that dress get pictures by a beach!

    Wow, what a fun challenge your friend's job has with it.

  10. Super cute outfit and love the hairstyle


  11. Very nice pics. Great day.

  12. That is the prettiest mermaid outfit I've seen:) I love the shells in your hair. I'm not a wine drinker either, but I agree that those wine slushies are delicious!

  13. omg you look like a gorgeous mermaid. teehee! =)

  14. Looking lovely as always! I swear you have the most incredible dress collection!

    Xo, Hannah

  15. CUTEST MERMAID EVER. I love the makeup, your hair and dress!! :)


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