Monday, December 29, 2014

Advertise with The Soubrette Brunette in January!


Once again, it's been a while since I did a "call for sponsors" post.  But since it's almost the new year(!), I thought it was about time!  My little blog has grown quite a bit over the past few months, and if you're looking to grow your own blog or get some traffic for your shop, advertising is a great way to go about it.

I currently offer 3 different sizes for ads (featured, large and small).  Featured ads get the highest visibility, but large and small ads are also in prime spots.  All of my ad prices are super-affordable (prices range from $5-$15 per month), so everyone can advertise, even if you're on a budget.  Speaking from personal experience, advertising on a few different blogs was a really good (and inexpensive) way to get some more traffic and followers, and it also allows you to form relationships with other bloggers.  I love working with bloggers, artists and shop owners -- especially those with a similar aesthetic to mine!

hot air balloon dress

Purchasing an ad is incredibly easy!  You can visit my advertising page here, and then all you have to do is choose the size you'd like, click "add to cart," and then "checkout."  From there, just fill out the information, upload your ad (the size specifications are displayed for each -- if you need an ad made, send me an e-mail), and pay for your ad spot!  Your ad will go live right after I approve it, and ads run for 30 days.  Featured ads are featured in the order they're purchased (so it behooves you to purchase early!), and both large + small ads are shuffled so that everyone gets equal exposure.

You can check out all of my updated stats, find out more about sizes and rates, and even purchase your ads right here -- or you can head directly to my Passionfruit page.  Space is limited, so don't miss out!  I'd love to work with you in 2015!

Have a great Monday!
xox Sammi

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