Saturday, November 8, 2014


hell bunny dress

These past couple of weeks have been kind of a blur.  I had planned to have a new Friday Favorites post up yesterday, but I've been working so much that I didn't have the time or energy to finish it.  I'll have a good one up next week, I promise.  I did manage to snap these photos earlier this week, though.  There was one day where the weather was unseasonably warm -- so much so that I didn't even need a coat! -- and I thought I'd grab the opportunity to wear my new Hell Bunny dress.  I'd been eyeing this dress for quite some time, but I couldn't decide on a color (it also comes in green and purple).  It seemed to disappear from Amazon and eBay, but I ended up finding it on the UK Amazon site for very cheap in this blue colorway, so I decided to go for it.  I wish I'd had it in time to do an Oktoberfest post (Novemberfest doesn't have the same ring to it), but I still had to style it with Heidi braids and my pretzel necklace!  (And yes, I know that those things are German and my post title is very much Austrian... but I had to take some creative license here... and make a musical theatre reference.)

pretzel necklace
hell bunny oktober dress

As far as life updates: on a positive note, I've been doing pretty well on Weight Watchers this week.  Sometimes when I've tried to go back on it, it's been hard to commit, but I feel much more determined this time.  It's sort of weird how much more I appreciate food when I take the time to account for everything I put in my body.  Food just tastes better, somehow.  And then on a somewhat scary note, my dad was in a pretty bad car accident this week.  He's fine, luckily, but his van was pretty much totaled.  Some guy ran a red light and t-boned right into my dad.  Fortunately, it was on the passenger side (and no one else was in the car).  My road test is in less than 2 weeks, which is sort of ironic timing, since one of the main reasons I avoided driving for so long was because of car accidents.  But my dad is safe, and I know how to keep myself safe while driving, so it's not something that induces fear so much anymore.  So I guess I'm making progress all around!

milkmaid braids
kawaii dress
polka dot dress
Outfit Details
Hell Bunny Oktober Dress: Amazon UK
Pretzel necklace: ModCloth (similar)
White flats: YesStyle
Petticoat: eBay

heidi braids

Have a great Saturday!
xox Sammi


  1. Love the outfit; the milkmaid braid goes with it perfectly! Good luck on your Weight Watchers journey; you can do it!! I'm glad that your dad is okay! Our family car was also totalled this summer in a bad accident; cars can be replaced, but people can't!!

    ❤️ Haley

  2. Nice:) xx

  3. That's so scary about your dad's accident! I'm so glad he's okay!!

  4. What a cute dress! I absolutely love this shade of blue on you and the pretzel necklace is perfect with it.
    I'm glad your dad's okay! Car accidents are so scary but there's no use being too scared of something you can't control. You can just be as careful a driver as you possibly can. There'll always be idiots on the road, unfortunately. I'm wishing you good luck on your driver's test!

    Jamie |

  5. I'm so glad your dad is okay! You're going to ace your test with that awesome attitude. :) Love the outfit - Hell Bunny makes the cutest dresses!

  6. Glad to hear your dad is okay; so scary!

    You look darling as can be in this!

  7. Gosh that is scary, glad to hear that your dad is okay!

    You look amazing in this dress, love the necklace with it too!! Gorgeous!


  8. I'm glad to hear that your dad is okay. Car accidents really freak me out, that's probably one of the reasons why I haven't even gotten my license yet! I love that dress and those heart pockets are too cute!


  9. So happy to hear your dad is okay! That is so scary <3

    I've been so happy with how warm it's been lately - I'm not ready to say goodbye to cute dresses, shorts, and skirts! I love your hair like this <3

  10. That dress is pretty special - the heart shaped pockets alone make it swoon-worthy!

    Glad to hear your Dad is okay, that is indeed scary.

    P x

  11. Oh my word, how fantastically lovely!!! If you sum up all my ancestry, I'm over half German, and though I wasn't raised in the culture and don't speak the language, I've always felt a certain affinity and ingrained pull towards it - very much including Oktoberfest ensembles. You really, really look terrific - and that pretzel necklace is too cute for words!

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank goodness your father is okay. What a nerve wrackingly frightening experience to live through, even if you come out (miraculously) unscathed.

  12. we're obsessed with that pretzel necklace. it's adorable!!

  13. This is so adorable! Love the sweet necklace.

  14. You look gorgeous!!!

    Katie xxx

  15. I am so sorry to hear about your dad! But thank goodness he is okay! Best of luck on your test! On the brighter side of things, this dress is darling!!


  16. Wow! Your outfit is very nice. It fits you very well. I'm sorry to hear about your father, though. I mean, it's cool that he's on recovery and all, but there should be something more to that incident than what has transpired. Something that can get your family a proper compensation or something. You can check on it. Anyway, all the best!

    Stephanie Waters @ Chastaine Law

  17. This dress is so lovely. :)))))
    xoxoxox Ashleigh


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