Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Daisy Bell

pastel vintage

I know autumn is the time for plaids and rich colors... but who says you can't wear pastels in the fall??  Kate recently sent me this dress as a gift (which was incredibly sweet of her), and I couldn't wait to wear it.  It's not a dress that I would necessarily pick out for myself, but the details are incredibly darling, and I ended up really loving it.  I decided to pair it with this cropped cardigan -- which I own in like, 6 other colors because I love it so much! -- and the pillbox hat and daisy brooch just jumped out at me.  I wish I had a pair of little yellow shoes, though!

cropped cardigan
blue lace dress
blue modcloth dress

This whole week looks like it's going to be rainy and cold(ish), so these sunshine-y photos are making me happy!  I have lots of fun stuff coming up here on the blog within the next week, so stay tuned -- especially this Sunday (hint hint)!  :)  My birthday is next Tuesday, though it honestly doesn't feel like it.  Maybe bloggy stuff will help put me in the celebratory spirit.  

vintage fashion
daisy brooch
light blue lace dress
Outfit Details
Dress: gift from Kate (similar)
Cardigan: Pinup Girl Clothing (exact)
Nude heels: ModCloth (similar)
Pillbox hat: Neely Auction
Daisy brooch: Mom's

blue pillbox hat

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
xox Sammi


  1. I love this dress! A sea-foamy/minty lace is my favorite!

  2. I adore enameled flower pins <3 Everything about this outfit, the yellow and lace is darling.

  3. I love the colours and I especially love that darling hat! I actually quite like pastels in the cold, it feels a bit ice queen. Especially when it's blue-ish. Mind you we have just jumped straight to freezing in the UK, so not suspending I'm thinking of ice! Great outfit anyway, Kate chose well (she would)! CC x (ps hoping to send stuff over this weekend :) )

  4. Such a darling ensemble! The palette makes me think of a gorgeously sunny day with clear blue skies (and perhaps some lace clouds, if clouds were made from lace, that is :)).

    ♥ Jessica

  5. This dress looks great on you, and it's so awesome that you received such a well chosen and thoughtful gift. I love how it looks paired with the yellow cardigan. Pastels are great year round - they really brighten things up when you work all day and feel like you never get to see the sun.

  6. I love that brooch, it's adorable! Such a cute look :).


  7. Such a pretty color combo, and I love the hat! Alex

  8. Oh, I love this color combination, and the pretty lace! But the brooch is my favorite; I have a thing for brooches. My collection is ever-growing.
    Cardigan Giveaway

  9. This outfit is SO pretty on you! Loving the gorgeous lace and the sunny color combo!

  10. The hat is the perfect crowing touch. It is so fun to see some of what Katie sent you :)

  11. This dress is perfection, Kate is so sweet! I wear pastels year round, it's fun to try and work them into your fall/winter wear. I agree with you too, I need some yellow shoes too! If you find any let me know :).


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