Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Favorites #47

Another week has come and gone!  This week went by pretty quickly, and I'm very glad to be home.  There's a lot going on in the next few weeks (my mom's birthday, Mother's Day, a big event for the orchestra I work for, an audition, and other things), but I'm just so excited that spring is here that I can't get too stressed about it.  Even though it's been chilly and rainy this week, the sight of blooming flowers is enough to put me in a positive frame of mind.  Here are some lovely finds that also put a smile on my face this week, starting with three pretty dresses that are perfect for spring and summer:

a // b // c

I especially love the one in the middle!  It has ric-rac trim, and I think red and mint are a fantastic color combination.  Plus, I'm fairly fixated on plaid, and the silhouette is beautiful.

Speaking of mint, I'm so crazy about this dress (but I'm not sure I can justify another mint dress!):

I really love these mint-colored plastic sneakers, though.  They even have star and heart cut-outs!
I really love swimwear, and some of my favorites happen to be food-themed.  There are a lot of cherry print swimsuits out there, but this one could almost be mistaken for real vintage:
This mixed fruit print swimsuit is too cute!
I adore this ice cream cone print swimsuit, but it's better for smaller cup sizes (which counts me out, sadly).  You can find the separate top and bottoms at ModCloth.
I featured this breakfast print in its dress version before, but I didn't realize it came in a two-piece set!  I love these types of sets because they show a little skin, but are still appropriate.  Plus, as someone who can't really pull off the crop top trend under normal circumstances, this is a great retro option.  You can find the top and skirt set over at Steady Clothing.
These hot dog sunglasses are too funny!
More ice cream!  This ice cream dress from Sugarhill Boutique is so fun!

My favorite food-related item has to be these wedges that are filled with faux goodies.  As someone who is completely obsessed with both fake and real food (I always have been -- playing grocery store and restaurant were two of my favorite games growing up), these shoes are total eye candy for me!

This macaron print is so sweet, too (and perfect, since I pretty much always want another treat):
I wish I could figure out a way to wear the fluffiest pink tutu skirt with confidence!  I feel like I'd get way too many looks in this, but I adore it. O, to be a Carrie Bradshaw!

I love looking at Irregular Choice shoes, and this lavender pair from them is so darling!
I am a firm believer in the wonders of the "Luck Be A Lady" dresses that ModCloth carries (which are from UK brand Closet), and this is one of the newest versions that's coming soon to the site.  Like I said before, I'm a sucker for plaid, and this color scheme is so pretty!  I now have this silhouette in four different colors -- that's how flattering it is!
I also swooned over this apple green dress!  The little bows!  The cap sleeves!  So adorable!
Gah, this kitty paw mug is wonderful!  I need!
This necklace and earring set from Betsey Johnson is perfect for the mermaid in your life:
a // b

Or for the retro-lovin' gal in your life, this burlesque artist print dress would be fantastic:

As would either of these beautiful dresses from Lindy Bop:
one // two

These new novelty bags from Betsey Johnson are awesome (especially the lipstick one!):
1 // 2

Finally, I am determined to get to NYC sometime this summer (blogger meet-up!  It's happening, I swear!), and when I go, I fully plan on visiting as many of these frozen treat meccas as possible.

Have a great Friday!
xox Sammi


  1. I could actually see myself rocking those hot dog sunglasses. Also I love love those mint cutout sneakers. Have you seen Betsey Johnson's ice-cream bag, record bag, and pie bag? She is so on point well always but also lately.

  2. first dress and all the swimsuits are so adorable! amazing items :)

    anecia & roses ♥ blog 

  3. You always find the best stuff! I NEEEEEEED that book purse! :)

  4. I love the last one! I'd kill to have it in pink! ♥
    Lottie | Little Once Upon a Time

  5. OK, so I am basically in love with those mint sneakers with the cut-outs. You always have the best finds! :)

  6. The NYC blogger meet-up must happen! Preferably in August when I'll actually be there lol c;

    Beautiful items as always. That mint dress and mint shoes have stolen my heart..and that Rock Steady two piece set has me swooning <3

  7. So stunning. We must have similar tastes because I always love absolutely everything you have in these posts. Whenever modcloth is involved and unique adorable prints I am sure to love it


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