Monday, March 10, 2014

Painting of a painting

Outfit Details:
Scenic painting skirt: ROMWE
Pink cardigan: ModCloth (similar here and here)
Lady in Rad Boots in Ink: ModCloth
Black cami & slouchy hat: Target
Necklace: Forever 21 (old)

Sometimes I like how an outfit looks much better in person than in outfit photos... and this is definitely one of those times.  I love this cropped pink cardigan, but cuts me off in a strange way in these.  Seeing these photos actually jump started me on a healthy eating kick.  I'm sick of this post-breakup winter weight, and now that spring is on its way, I want to start feeling better about myself again.  It's so tempting for me to take naps when it's cold out and take comfort in junk food, but it's absolutely not worth me feeling down on myself.  I've been feeling so much better over the past few days, since I pretty much cut out my soda intake and made a much bigger effort to eat healthily.  Plus, the days are even longer now, and those little things really make such a big difference for me.

I really love ROMWE's graphic skirts like this, but they're soo short on me.  I don't usually think of myself as a particularly tall person, but I am 5'7", and apparently that's just too tall for these.  I actually ordered this Christmas cat-themed one, but when it came, it was so short that it's never going to be wearable.  I forgot to send it back, so now it's just sitting in my room.  Any petite, cat-loving ladies who might want it, holler at me!  I want to re-open my shop my closet store at some point soon, so maybe it'll go in there if no one is interested.  Damn these long gams!  

Have a wonderful Monday!
xox Sammi


  1. Sammi, let us find a child and recreate this photo on your skirt! I have some suitable bed sheets that will service as togas quite nicely.

  2. The longer daylight hours definitely make me more likely to exercise more too.

    What an unusual skirt! I think it looks cute, but know what you mean about some outfits looking cuter in person than on film... still, this is cute.

  3. As an also tall person, I know the fear of ordering skirts and dresses online because they'll be too short. The skirt is darling though!

  4. That's adorable!!! i have a shirt kind of like that, but honestly i never though of a skirt or dress. Very unique and eye catching :)

  5. You always look amazing, but I hear you on the winter weight, etc... I had a big work-out boost pre-Christmas... then I fell out of the routine, and I've been in a rut since. I definitely need to find some motivation.

    And I also hear you on some skirts/dresses just being too short due to your height. Being just an inch shorter than you, I have the same problem. In any case, I still think it looks adorable on you! Graphic prints are so you're style!!


  6. I am seriously in love with that skirt - what a beauty!!

    Lost in the Haze

  7. ugh i hate when outfits look better in real life rather than pictures. it's like, i swear this is adorable, i promise, haha! and i feel you on the whole junk food diet. winter makes it waaaay to easy to hide under sweaters and not work out ;P

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  8. I love the cat skirt, but if it's the length of this one it's super short! Sometimes I don't know why we make skirts so short...

    ~ K

  9. I understand the frustrations of being too tall for certain skirts/dresses :c Also, I'm finding the same disappointment in outfit photos myself.. While I think you look lovely, I wish you all the best in working towards feeling better about yourself <3


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