Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Orange you glad

Outfit Details:
Emily and Fin citrus print dress: ASOS (no longer available)
Green cardigan: thrifted (similar here)
Yellow belt: Forever 21 (similar here)
Black flats: jcpenney (similar here)

Here is my first set of Floridian photos!  I firstly have to apologize for the less-than-stellar quality of these.  I was determined to bring my new DSLR on this trip, and in all the craziness of getting ready for said trip, I didn't exactly have a lot of time to practice using my camera.  I also get really impatient and overwhelmed while attempting to read instructional manuals.  This means that I did a lot of putzing around with my camera during the first couple of days, and that I didn't get very many good shots the first day (a.k.a. these photos).  I also took these at a way too bright time of day and at my grandma's retirement facility, with lots of surprisingly busy older folks running (well, zooming in their golf carts) around.  I'm so used to the solitude of my backyard that I get kind of self-conscious with so many people around.  All in all, I'm not totally thrilled with these, but I guess they're not so horrible for a first attempt.  I'm such a perfectionist that it actually bothers me I couldn't have it down pat on the first try!

Also, my bangs look definitively janky in all of these.  They get better, I promise.

Anyway, I felt this dress was all too appropriate for Florida to leave it at home!  We ended up seeing tons and tons of orange trees on our way from Naples to Orlando, and I wished we could have stopped to take pictures there (and that I had been wearing this dress at the time)!  Lots of people asked me about this dress when they saw it on my Instagram, and it's regretfully no longer available.  It's by Emily and Fin, which is a great UK brand that often has vintage-inspired silhouettes and quirky prints.  ModCloth and ASOS carry a lot of their stuff, if you're not familiar with this brand!  You can see how I wore this dress over the summer here, and I love that it can work well as a jumper over a blouse, too!

Have a terrific Tuesday!
xox Sammi


  1. LOVE this outfit! This is one of my favourite dresses of yours. I wish it was still available, so I could snatch it up! I just ordered my first Emily & Fin dress.
    The bangs look cute. :) And that's awesome you found that cropped cardigan as a thrift find. Looks great with the dress.

  2. This outfit is entirely too perfect for Florida- or anywhere! I love it! That cardigan seems made for the dress.

    Good luck figuring out your new camera!

  3. The dress is adorable none the less! There are some good DSLR photo tips and stuff on Of Corgis and Cocktails, her posts helped me a lot with mine because she explains it well and not in an intimidating way.

  4. This dress is so perfect for florida!! I love the orange print, very sweet :) It looks great with this green cardigan too.
    I hate having people watch me take pictures too, I find for me if I have music playing I feel less weirded out by it for some reason

  5. I hate reading manuals! Usually when you ask online, someone will tell you to read it instead of giving you a quick answer. Nuh uh, it's usually too much info at one time! haha

    That dress is so amazing and your bangs!!! :D

  6. Loving this outfit! Wish I could wear pretty dresses right this right now instead of having snow. I own a dress with the same print and it's a piece of happy fashion. Have a lovely time <3

  7. yay for your fabulous orange dress! and braveness for taking photos! ahhhh good old tripod! the looks I've got in the past...why are people so noisy?? hahah! glad you had a lovely time!! xxx

  8. That dress is perfect for Florida! Love it! Hope you’re having a great time and these pictures are beautiful! Photography is definitely something I’m still trying to get a handle on, but you're mastering it well:)

  9. That dress is every bit as invigoriating and lovely a a glass of freshly squeezed OJ! I just love it!!! I have such a thing for clothing and accessories that features fruit and/or vegetables. I'd been eyeing a somewhat similar citrus print frock from UK seller Lady V London last year, but (story of my life, lol!) it sold out in my size before I could tuck away enough pennies to purchase it. Hopefully another repro/vintage inspired dress line will bring out a citrus print again this year.

    Big hugs & oodles of thanks for your lovely comment on this week's vintage outfit post,
    ♥ Jessica

  10. I saw your instagram pic and have been waiting to find the time to check this post out. That dress is super cool! I can imagine standing with the orange trees, with oranges on your dress... awesome picture moment.

    This set of pictures are great, i guess you have to get used to working with a new camera and all the buttons that fancy cameras have. I only managed a few pages of my cameras manual!



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