Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cadillac cutie

Outfit Details:
Car print dress: Yumi (available on eBay)
White belt: from another dress
White heels: jcpenney
Watch ring: Mom's
Pink coat: Tulle

Yumi is another brand that has great prints, and this dress has been sitting in my closet forever!  I fell in love with the car print (especially since there are pink cars!), but for some reason, I just never wore it.  I wasn't super in love with the fit, and I'm now realizing it's a little short, but hey.  I thought this pink coat went pretty perfectly with it (even though the sleeves are a little too long, whoops).

We finally put up and decorated our Christmas tree this weekend!  My mom still has to finish decorating the house (she always does really pretty things for the different seasons, and in winter, she puts up icy decorations in the windows and on the fireplace mantle -- she has such a great eye for design), but the tree looks so festive.  I don't know what my color scheme will be like when I have my own tree -- maybe pastels or something really kitschy -- but hers are always variants of apple green, copper, gold and brown, with lots of beautiful birds and other nature-y things.  And of course, Pumpkin is very interested in the tree (though she has yet to ever topple it over).  :)  I love the fact that we celebrate both Chanukkah and Christmas!

Have a great Tuesday!
xox Sammi


  1. You look so sweet Sammy, like always!

    Kisses from Argentina

  2. the car print is super cute! I can see why you fell in love with it.
    we put our tree up but not many decorations yet. I haven't collected many decorations yet as this is my first Christmas not living with my parents! happy holidays!

  3. You look lovely in pink! This coat is great on you, and that car print dress is adorable :)
    I'm hoping we put up our decorations soon, I need it to feel Christmassy!

  4. You tree sounds so beautiful! I love seeing the personality of different trees (or reading about them.)

    This car print is adorable (as is the lining of the sleeve) and somehow very you. I think since your blog is pink, I associate that color with you.

  5. That's adorable! The dress matches perfectly with your coat! Alex


  6. gosh, I just love yumi's car print dresses!

  7. Ah! Just let me be you and your fabulous wardrobe (not to mention your sweet self). This little pink jacket has me swooning...why are you the dreamiest gal on the planet?!

  8. Another great print! You always have me head over heels for your dresses Sammi! Your mom's tree sounds exactly like how my mom decorates hers :-).

  9. I really must doff my (vintage) hat to you and your photographer. Your photos are always so tremendously well light with natural light and just as pretty as pretty can be, much like your stellar outfits themselves.

    ♥ Jessica

  10. This is such a darling print! And I love the pink coat!


  11. That is cute.. It doesn't look short on you! :] Super jealous of your coat!!!

    I have some dresses that I loved and when I wore it.. completely changed! I think I need to get back into sewing so I could modify it. Sometimes sleeves or the overall length is super long on a shortie like me!


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