Monday, October 28, 2013

Sweets for the sweet

Outfit Details:
My Sweet Art Dress: ModCloth
Betty Bolero in Red: Pinup Girl Clothing
Achilles' Zeal Tights: ModCloth (no longer available, similar here)
Heart ring: Urban Outfitters (no longer available, similar here)
Spectators: BAIT Footwear

So, today is my 25th birthday!  It's weird to think that I'm now a quarter of a century old.  It feels even weirder that my life is in a far different place from where I thought it'd be.  I guess that tends to happen as you get a little older.  I'm trying not to dwell on that, though yesterday was kind of tough.  I have two very early shows about 45 mins away from home this morning (i.e., I'll already be performing when this post goes live at 9 AM) and we have our first Rapunzel tech. rehearsal tonight, so I'm hoping to get a nap, a shower and some "me" time (including opening presents, maybe?) in between.  There was talk of Indian take-out for dinner, but we shall see.  I fit in my celebrations on Saturday (check out that post here, if you missed it!), so I guess I'm okay with having today be a little low-key.

Oops, I realized that I wore these same tights in yesterday's post!  But I really do love them a lot and I wear them as much as possible.  I'm not actually wearing this dress at the moment, but this is kind of THE week for sweet treats (not only birthday cake and the like, but Halloween is on Thursday), so it seemed kind of apropos.  This will actually be the first of two cupcake dresses that gets posted on the blog this week, since I'm being a cupcake for Halloween!  Maybe I should have spread them out a little!  Anyway, the print on this dress is an absolute dream.  I love any novelty print that involves food, and the fact that the print looks like needlepoint is an added bonus!  This is from ModCloth's new Bea & Dot line, and pretty much everything from this new brand is right up my alley.  I wish the material were a little thicker, and I honestly don't love the fit of the top on its own (it looks great with a belt and cardigan, but it doesn't do much for me without them).  I could have probably ordered my regular size medium, but I get nervous when ModCloth specifies that items run small in the bust or waist and that they recommend sizing up.  The large isn't so roomy that it looks obvious, at least.  But the amazingness of this print completely makes up for any other shortcomings, in my opinion.

In other news, I'm altogether way too excited that I finally figured out how to do Heidi braids!  I thought I had too much hair (or that the layers in it would make it difficult), but I'm so glad that I tried it again -- and got it to work!  It's so easy and I love how it looks.  The only negative is that when my mom saw me, she immediately referred to me as Olga (which is weird, because I remember Lauren from Someone Like You saying the exact same thing about how her parents refer to her when she wears her hair like this... why Olga?  That is not the first Scandinavian name that comes to my mind!).

I hope you have a sweet day! :)
xox Sammi


  1. happy happy birthday!! you look so sweet in this outfit!! it's the perfect birthday outfit. and loving the maiden braids. my hair isn't long enough for them, but i do a crown and i get a similar look. ps i also tend to wear the same tights back-to-back... sometimes i realize this before i blog, and switch them up. i'm such a cheater. hehe


  2. Have a nice birthday:)... Theres a dress named after you on bcc. Awesome!

  3. Oh, you accessorize everything so perfectly. Happy Birthday and digging the Heidi Braids. I miss being able to do those...

  4. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Plus, your dress is adorable :)


  5. Happy Birthday! ... Most important thing is not how many years but few things happy birthday to've lived up to that age .... I have more years and I assure you I have not lived as happy as I want! .... But well you have the dress that I long for modclothe more ... enjoy your day!

  6. Sammi this is such a darling dress and the sweet print is perfect for you birthday! I am sending the happiest of birthday wishes in your direction, good luck with your shows today and enjoy your low key evening!
    xo Hannah

  7. Happy official birthday! I love the bolero with this dress! They're so sweet together. And you nailed the Heidi braids. They look great! Hope you got a little downtime today :)

    Jenny Lee

  8. that dress is a dream!! Love it! also the location is so magical! :) x
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay


    And this whole outfit is fabulous!! Also, can't wait to see your cupcake costume!


  10. Cross stitched baked goods? Oh mah gawd, I die...come back to life and die again from its epic awesomeness. Smitten, in love, and completely coveting one of my own now. You look sensationally, sweetheart, really and truly. I love every outfit you post, your attention to details (accessorizing), and the crisp, beautiful photos you take of them.

    ♥ Jessica


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